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  • Water Quality Protection District Open House, Tuesday, July 26, 2 PM, Room 226, City-County Building, 316 North Park, Helena.
  • Board of Health Meeting, Thursday, July 28, 1:15 PM, Room 330, City-County Building, 316 North Park, Helena.

First Zika Case in County Reported, Related to Travel

Aedes mosquito

Local public health officials have announced the first confirmed case of Zika virus infection in Lewis and Clark County. The infected person, a woman who was not pregnant, recently traveled to another country with an active Zika outbreak. She became ill shortly after returning home. The case is only the third reported in Montana since the virus turned up in the Western Hemisphere in May 2015.

News Release
CDC Zika Virus Website
Areas with Zika Outbreaks
Zika and Pregnancy
Zika Virus Brochure

Don't Let Germs Ruin Your Summer Fun

Swimming pool from underwater

Ah, the long, balmy days of summer! Who doesn’t love hanging out at the pool, presiding over the barbie, or camping under the stars? After enduring a Montana winter, we deserve to bask in the heat! But we humans aren’t the only ones who thrive in warm temperatures. Bacteria and other germs that can cause disease also tend to flourish, and they threaten our enjoyment of the season. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce the risk that these ickies will ruin our summer fun.

Community Sets 'Common Agenda' to Improve Health

2016 Community Health Improvement Plan

Health officials have released a plan that identifies public health priorities in Lewis and Clark County and specific strategies to address them. The 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan was developed by a task force of about 50 people representing health care, social services, business, education, civic and nonprofit groups, law enforcement, and local and state government. "The purpose of the plan is to establish a common agenda that will help all of us focus our energy and resources,” said Melanie Reynolds, county health officer. “We’ll be most effective in improving people’s health if we all pull in the same direction.” Find the plan here.

Think Before You Ink to Reduce Tattoo Risks

Photo of a woman with a tattoo on her arm.

Today’s younger generation has embraced tattoos – lots of them – and the trend is especially visible now that beach weather is here! Any time you pierce your skin with a needle or put a foreign substance like ink into your body, there's a risk of infection. Reputable tattoo shops use sterile needles and maintain high standards of hygiene to minimize this risk. If you're considering a tattoo, check out this list of things to consider and steps to take to protect your own health and safety.

Bad Childhood Experiences Impact Future Health

Baby with parents

One of the biggest public health discoveries of all time has led us to understand the impact that early childhood experiences have on lifelong health. This research is called the Adverse Childhood Experiences, or ACE, study, and it confirms with certainty that our experiences as children have a profound impact on our physical, mental, and social health. Understanding ACEs has the potential to greatly benefit our community.

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