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  • Healthy Together Task Force Meeting, Jan. 7, 8 AM to noon, St. Peter's Health Education Center, 2475 Broadway, Helena. For more information, contact Gayle Shirley, 406-457-8908.

Outdoor Air-Quality Regulations Take Effect Nov. 1

Fire burning in woodstove

On Nov. 1, Lewis and Clark Public Health begins daily reporting of outdoor air quality in an effort to protect the health of area residents. We issue these reports each year from November through February, when temperature inversions are more likely to trap chimney smoke and vehicle exhaust in the Helena Valley, adding significantly to air pollution. The reports let you know the status of air quality and when you can use fireplaces or woodstoves. Find out how to get these air-quality status updates.

Health Dept. Gets $375,000 Grant for Suicide Prevention

Young woman looking stressed

Lewis and Clark Public Health has received a $375,000 federal grant to help prevent suicide in the county. We plan to use the money to hire a suicide prevention coordinator who will work with local school officials, law enforcement, medical providers, parents, coaches, church leaders, business leaders, and the Montana National Guard to identify and respond to mental-health needs in the community. Learn more about the projects the grant will fund.

Tobacco Industry Aims to Hook a New Generation

Tobacco product packaging compared to packages of candy and gum

The tobacco industry uses a number of clever tactics to try to hook children and teenagers and create a new generation of users. Many of these tactics are related to how the products are displayed in the stores, at the point of sale. You can learn more about these tactics here.

Department to Implement New Fees Starting July 1

Sanitarian measuring food temperature during inspection

The Lewis and Clark City-County Board of Health has approved fee increases for our environmental services (like septic permitting, variances, and groundwater monitoring) and reviews of licensed establishments (like restaurants). The new fees take effect July 1, 2018. This is the first time the fees have been adjusted since 2009. The changes bring Lewis and Clark County into alignment with what other counties charge for the same services.

Healthy Habits to Combat Infectious Diseases

Healthy habits can help to protect all of us from getting germs or spreading germs at home, work, or school. Learn what you can do to combat the flu and other infectious diseases.  Then share the information with others!


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