Healthy Together Steering Committee

Healthy Together

Healthy Together is an ongoing partnership among agencies in Lewis and Clark County that are concerned with improving population health. The partnership was formalized in October 2017.

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of Healthy Together is to work strategically, comprehensively, and collectively toward improving the health of all Lewis and Clark County residents.

Our primary goals are to produce, every 3 years, an assessment of public health needs in the county, identify priority issues, and consider strategies and resources to address them. The partnership will monitor and record progress on health improvement annually.

This "community health improvement planning" process, or CHIP, is an opportunity to develop a common agenda for the entire community. It will help everyone to focus energy and resources and support policies, projects, and programs that will be most effective in improving the health of the people we serve.

The result of the CHIP process will be a health improvement plan that will describe how participating community organizations can work together to improve health of our population. The plan will be developed during a series of task force meetings.


What is Healthy Together?

A steering committee (see list of members at right) guides the administrative work of Healthy Together, including facilitating meetings, creating agendas, inviting participants, and publishing reports.

A Healthy Together Task Force, made up of dozens of stakeholders from throughout the county, will meet regularly to:

  • Review and compare county, state, and national health data
  • Prioritize county health issues and needs
  • Develop goals and objectives to address those needs
  • Review progress toward those goals and objectives


Steering Committee

St. Peter's Health

Rocky Mountain Development Council, Inc.

United Way of the Lewis and Clark Area

Lewis and Clark Public Health

PureView Health Center 


Past Community Health Improvement Planning

2015-16 CHA/CHIP Plans

2012-13 CHA/CHIP Plans



2023 Healthy Together Annual Progress Presentation