2021 Community Health Report

The 2021 Community Health Report(PDF, 8MB) provides a snapshot of our community on several health conditions, behaviors and social determinants of health in the county, including cancer, heart disease, substance use, mental health, childcare, food security and many others.

This report forms the basis for the Community Health Improvement Plan, which will be released in 2022.

Community Health Report 2021

Every three years, the Healthy Together Steering Committee prepares the Lewis and Clark County Community Health Report. This report helps organizations, business, and local health systems identify areas of concern impacting their health and the health of their community. We need to hear from you! Tell us how you utilized or planning on applying the information from this report in your work or activities you are doing in the community. Your input will help us improve our next Community Health Report.

Community Health Report Utilization Survey

2018 Community Health Report(PDF, 9MB)

A joint publication of Healthy Together, a community partnership to improve health in Lewis and Clark County. Includes information on demographics, length and quality of life, health behaviors, access to health care, factors that influence health, and health disparities and inequities. It also includes results of two community surveys about health and health care.

2015 Community Health Report(PDF, 5MB)

2011 Community Health Report(PDF, 2MB)