Water Quality Protection District

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The Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District (WQPD) serves the Helena valley and surrounding areas (WQPD map)(PDF, 4MB) .  Our mission is to preserve, protect, and improve water quality and quantity within the boundaries of the District.  We do this by collecting stream and groundwater data, conducting investigations and outreach on local water issues, and assisting residents to better understand and manage their water resources.

WQPD Strategic Plan

TheWQPD Strategic Plan(PDF, 238KB)directs our work in three-year increments and is determined by our Board of Directors in conjunction with our staff.


Interactive Data and Mapping Site

Our water data and additional information about our projects and programs can been seen in an interactive site:
Lewis & Clark County WQPD Monitoring Networks and Projects (arcgis.com)


WQPD Board of Directors

For more information about our Board of Directors, please visit:

WQPD Board of Directors


WQPD Resources Page

News & Events

Our next WQPD Board meeting will be on October 24 at 5:30pm.  This meeting will be hybrid with the in-person option in Room 226 of the City-County Building at 316 N. Park Avenue and a Zoom link here.  Public is welcome to attend.

Friday, April 21, 2023

The WQPD still has test kits available for the Arsenic-Uranium Testing and Treatment Program.  This is a free program funded by ARPA dollars to offer free arsenic and uranium testing to anyone in Lewis & Clark County using a private residential well for drinking water.  Test kits can be picked up from our office in the City-County Building in Room 230.  Any test that is above the drinking water standard for either contaminant will make the resident eligible for a $300 rebate on a water treatment system.  Call (406)457-8584 for details.