Citizens' Advisory Committee

Mission Statement:  The Citizens' Advisory Committee exists to provide citizen input into the safety of the citizens of Lewis and Clark County and ensure the equitable and efficient treatment of defendants, offenders, and victims.

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed by order of the Board of County Commissioners in 2012 to act as an advisory group to the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC)The primary purpose of the CAC is to solicit citizen input and make recommendations as part of the CJCC's responsibility to study and then make improvements to the local criminal justice system to achieve the highest levels of public safety and program cost and effectiveness. Critically, the Committee contributed to the success of the initiatives to expand and staff the Detention Center and the creation of the Department of Criminal Justice Services.


The CAC is composed of professionals, service providers, stakeholders, and interested public. Membership is limited to fifteen voting members, but Lewis & Clark County residents are encouraged to submit an application online if they are interested and to attend monthly meetings to have their voice heard. 


Bylaws(PDF, 96KB) - Amended 3/17/23