Planning to build outside of city limits in Lewis and Clark County? If so, use this 'Construction Checklist'(PDF, 114KB) to ensure you have all the permits you may need.

Permits, Applications and Fees:

Address Applications

Address Applications are processed for addresses on parcels located in the County. Address plaques are also available.

Application Requirements:

  • A copy of the filed certificate of survey or deed,
  • Description of the location of the address.

Current fee for an address assignment, which includes an address plaque, is $25.00.

Current fee for an address plaque only is $10.00

For address related questions, please contact the Address Coordinator.


County Address Application(PDF, 283KB)

County Address Plaque Order Form(PDF, 63KB)

Helena Address Application(PDF, 154KB)

East Helena Address Application(PDF, 25KB)

Approach Permits

As required in the 2014 Public Works Manual all road approach culverts shall be installed by a Certified Installer in accordance with the Lewis and Clark County Road Approach Permit. All County permits are processed through the Community Development and Planning Department: Room 203; 316 N Park Ave., Helena, MT 59623.

The list of current Certified Installers can be found here:

Certified Approach Installers(PDF, 50KB)

Approach Permit Application(PDF, 442KB)

Approach Permit Instructions(PDF, 237KB)

Encroachment Agreements

Encroachment Agreements are required for encroachment into County or Public right of ways or easements created through the formal subdivision review process. This agreement is approved by the Public Works Director after review and comment from appropriate County Departments and public service entities.

Encroachment Agreement Application(PDF, 37KB)

Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)

Current fee is $150.00. Fee is $300.00 if the encroachment is existing.

Road and Right-of-Way Abandonments

Road and Right-of-Way Abandonments are accepted from those individuals requesting to abandon roads or public right of ways which were never developed and are not required for access. A Pre-application Conference is required.

Fee is currently $300.00

Pre-Application Instructions(PDF, 313KB)

Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)

Septic Permits

Septic Permits are required prior to beginning construction of residential or commercial structures in the County. Septic Permits are also required prior to any repair, modification or load increase to an existing septic system. A filed certificate of survey is required as part of the permit application. Septic site evaluations may be required prior to a septic permit being written.

Fees vary.


  • Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)
  • Survey - Can be obtained from Clerk and Recorder room 316.
  • Septic Permit Application Material can be obtained from the Permit Coordinator or the Environmental Health Department.

Subdivision Applications

Subdivision Applications are processed by the Community Development and Planning Department and are required for any division of land less than 160 acres in size. Subdivision applications are made available to the entity/person dividing during the Pre-application Conference.

To schedule a pre-application conference- please call 447-8392 or 447-8374, in addition to following the Pre-Application Instructions.

Subdivision variance applications are accepted in conjunction with a subdivision application.

Fees vary.

Pre-Application Instructions(PDF, 313KB)

Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)

Survey Review Committee

Survey Review Committee reviews all Certificates of Surveys filed with the Clerk and Recorder.

New surveys are required for boundary line adjustments, retracements of existing parcels, family transfers, etc. Sworn affidavits may be required. All forms and information are available from the Community Development and Planning Department.

A Pre-application Conference may be required.

Current fee is $100.00 for the 1st review and $100 if a 2nd review is required - Examining Land Surveyor fee is extra, as are filing charges for the Clerk and Recorder.

Pre-Application Instructions(PDF, 313KB)

Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)

Weed Management Plans

Weed Management Plans are processed for preliminary subdivisions as well as timber harvests and hard rock mining permits, including gravel pits. Weed free certification is required prior to soil disturbance.

Current minimum fee is $50.00.

Weed Board

2022 Weed Board Members(PDF, 21KB)
January 2022 Agenda(PDF, 204KB)
February 2022 Agenda- No meeting MWCA Conference
March 2022 Agenda(PDF, 199KB)
April 2022 Agenda(PDF, 231KB)
May 2022 Agenda(PDF, 261KB)

Zoning Variances, Map Amendments, Conditional Use Permits

Zoning Variances, map amendments, conditional use permits are processed for the various zoning districts existing in the County. The County also accepts applications for the creation of Zoning Districts. All zoning applications require a Pre-application Conference.

Fees vary.

Pre-Application Instructions(PDF, 313KB)

Comprehensive Permit Form(PDF, 72KB)


The Community Development and Planning Department processes all of the above listed applications, fees associated with those applications, and acts as a liaison between the applicant, various County Departments and entities involved in the permit processes.

Looking to subdivide your property? Click here(PDF, 313KB) for details on scheduling a free pre-application conference.

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