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CONNECT is a bidirectional referral network - meaning information flows two ways - that allows client contact information to be sent between service providers.

This secure web-based system is available at no cost to approved organizations that make client referrals utilizing an inter-connected statewide referral network.

Who can use CONNECT

tool exclusively for providers (medical, behavioral health, social services, and more) to send referrals on behalf of their clients and track outcomes.

  • Social Services Agencies
  • Schools
  • Medical Providers
  • Mental Health Providers
  • Anyone Offering a Necessary Support Service to Families, Children or Adults


How does CONNECT work

The system allows each organization to sign a universal memorandum of understanding (MOU) that is effective for all programs utilizing CONNECT. Releases of information (ROI) are electronically signed by the client to reduce the burden of paper ROIs can cause.

CONNECT provides real-time referral sending and tracking. System users have the ability to document service follow-up as well as the outcomes of each referral received.

The CONNECT system also has the reporting capabilities that include easy-to-read referral metrics unique to your organization. These reports can enhance quality improvement efforts by showing areas of strength as well as opportune areas for improvement.


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CONNECT for the Public

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Providers who join or update their current contact information in these free systems can share with the public if they are open to new clients. This will help patients to find the services they need now.

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