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In November 2008, voters in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, (the County) approved the Land, Water and Wildlife bond measure. This $10 million general obligation bond is for "...protecting drinking water sources and ground water quality; protecting water quality in and along rivers and streams; conserving working farm, ranch and forest lands; protecting wildlife areas; preserving open lands and natural areas; providing for recreation; and managing growth and development". Funds generated by sales of these bonds are distributed through the Open Lands Program. The primary purpose of the Program is to conserve resources on private lands in Lewis and Clark County that fulfill the objectives of the bond measure.

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) appointed the Citizens Advisory Committee on Open Lands (CAC) to make recommendations on project applications. The CAC is advisory only and the BOCC makes the decision to utilize the bond funds on a particular project.

Completed Projects

Open Lands Project Story Board

2020: Potter Ranch Conservation Easment

2019: Falls Creek Land Acquisition

2019: Peaks to Creeks (10-mile & 7-mile) Land Acquisition

2017: Shoco Ranch Conservation Easement

2016: Lincoln Community River Park Land Acquisition

2016: Gehring Ranch Conservation Easement

2016: Specimen Creek Land Acquisition

2015: South Hills Land Acquisition

2015: Welch Ranch Conservation Easement

2015: Johnston Ranch Conservation Easement

2014: York Gulch Land Acquisition

2012: Aspen Trails Conservation Easement & Land Acquisition

2011: Milburn Conservation Easement

2010: McDonough Ranch Conservation Easement

Open Lands Accomplishments(PDF, 148KB) (Spreadsheet Updated December 14, 2021)

Project Flow Chart(PDF, 404KB)

Flow Chart

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