The Addressing Office is responsible for the issuing of new addresses in Lewis and Clark County and the incorporated cities of Helena and East Helena. Duties include maintaining the Address and Road files, and approving new road names and readdressing issues for Lewis and Clark County.


Policies, Resolutions, and Conventions

Resolution 2004-16(PDF, 246KB)
Coordinated Assignment or Reassignment of Roads and Addresses

Resolution 2021-63(PDF, 3MB)
Regulations for Naming and Renaming Roads, adopted July 2021

Road Naming Petition Form(PDF, 343KB)
* Please review Resolution 2021-63

Emergency Response Number(PDF, 166KB)

Addressing Conventions(PDF, 106KB)

Street Type Designations(PDF, 267KB)

Master Street Address Guide(XLSX, 154KB) (MSAG)
The MSAG is a list of all the streets and roads in Lewis & Clark County by name.

Approved/Reserved Road Names(XLSX, 23KB)
List of approved/reserved roads that have yet to be final platted.