WQPD Resources


Water Quality Protection District Reports and Projects - If you are interested in the data from the WQPD studies, please contact us with your request.

Emerald Ridge - 2014(PDF, 2MB)

Ground Water Monitoring Results and Surface Water - Ground Water Interaction, Helena Valley, Montana(PDF, 8MB) . - April 2013

Helena Valley Non-point Source Assessment Ground Water Loading of Nutrients to Surface Water(PDF, 32MB) - June 2015

Raven Road - 2021(PDF, 350KB)

Public Meeting 4-21-2022 PowerPoint Presentation(PDF, 3MB)

Helena Area Ground Water Conditions - 2020(PDF, 6MB)

Additional Agency Reports

Appraisal of the quality of ground water in the Helena Valley, Montana. USGS - Wilke & Coffin, 1973.

Channel Migration Zone Mapping PPC/TMC - Final Report 2011

Evaluation of shallow aquifers in the Helena Valley, Lewis and Clark County, MT. USGS - Moreland & Leonard, 1980

Geographic, geologic and hydrologic summaries of intermontane basins of the Northern Rocky Mountains, Montana, USGS - Kendy & Tresch, 1996

Geology and Ground-Water Resources of the Helena Valley, Mt - Lorenz & Swenson, 1951

Ground water nitrate-nitrogen trends in relation to urban development, Helena, MT - Drake, Bauder, 2005

Ground Water Investigation Program - MBMG

Helena Valley Groundwater Monitoring for Pesticides & Nitrates. Department of Agriculture, 2006

Helena Valley Pharmaceutical Study - DEQ, 2005

Hydrogeology of the Helena Valley- Fill Aquifer System - Briar, Madison USGS 1992

Hydrology of the Helena area bedrock, west-central Montana, 1993-98, Thamke. 2000

Hydrologic data from selected wells in the helena Valley, Lewis and Clark County, MT. USGS. Moreland et al. 1979.

Hydrogeology of the North Hills, Helena, MT - MBMG

Lake Helena TMDL - Upper Missouri

Lewis & Clark County Helena Valley Ground Water Vulnerability Project -Trihydro 2008

Maps Showing Depth to Water Table, September 1976 and Area Inundated by the June 1975 Flood, Helena Valley, Lewis and Clark County, Montana. USGS Wilke & Johnson, 1978.

Montana Channel Migration Zone (CMZ) Mapping resources are now available on line.
This interactive statewide map shows where CMZ studies have been completed.

Occurrence and hydrogeochemistry of radiochemical constituents in groundwater of Jefferson County and surrounding areas, Southwestern Montana, 2001-2010 - USGS Caldwell et al.

Reconnaissance of arsenic in surface and ground water along the Madison and upper Missouri Rivers, southwestern and west-central Montana. USGS - Tuck, 2000

Maps of the Helena Area

Various Informational Maps concerning the District

Depth to Groundwater(PDF, 247KB)

Fluoride Levels(PDF, 2MB)

Bedrock Geologic Map(PDF, 3MB) - Reynolds

Helena Valley Wetlands(PDF, 637KB) -Helena Valley Wetlands Community Partnership

Channel Migration Zones in the State

USGS Real Time Data Gage

Real-time data typically are recorded at 15-60 minute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to USGS offices every 4 hours. Recording and transmission times may be more frequent during critical events. Data from current sites are relayed to USGS offices via satellite, telephone, and/or radio and are available for viewing within 3 minutes of arrival.


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