2024 Casper Survey

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What is the CASPER Survey?

Lewis and Clark Public Health officials, in collaboration with PureView Health Clinic, St. Peter’s Health, United Way, Rocky Mountain Development Council, and the Montana Department of Health and Human Services, are overseeing a first-of-its-kind community health survey in a multi-county area that spans Lewis and Clark, Jefferson, Powell, Broadwater, and Meagher counties. 

Scheduled for late June 2024, the Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response – or CASPER – survey will take place in neighborhoods around the five-county area.

The survey is meant to provide a snapshot of our communities on several health conditions and behaviors, and social determinants of health, including cancer, heart disease, substance use, mental health, housing, childcare, food security, and more.

Survey results will be included in the 2024 Community Health Report, published by the Healthy Together Steering Committee every three years.

Formalized in October 2017, the Healthy Together Steering Committee is an ongoing partnership among agencies in Lewis and Clark County that are concerned with improving population health.

That report will then form the basis for the Community Health Improvement Plan, which will be developed and released in 2025 and help determine public health priorities to improve health outcomes for residents of the county.

Among its many benefits, the CASPER survey is an opportunity for local, state, and federal agencies – both government and nonprofit - to connect with residents and hear firsthand their thoughts about the overall health of the community. 


Volunteers Needed

The door-to door survey will take place between 2:30 and 7:30 pm Tuesday, June 25 in Lewis and Clark County – with team visits in Helena, Lincoln, Augusta, and the surrounding areas. 

Thirty 2-member survey teams will visit neighborhoods, going door to door, looking to locate seven respondent households within each census block. Team members will wear bright vests and will carry identification cards.

Survey team members will include a volunteer pool of college students and athletes, community health workers, civic groups, hospital, clinic, and public health employees, state public health personnel, and concerned citizens.

They will not be collecting any personal information and will only conduct the work during the daytime, no later than 7:30 pm.

County residents who are interested in community health work are encouraged to apply and sign up to volunteer as surveyors.

Visit https://form.jotform.com/Clark_Lewis/CasperVolunteerSurvey2024 to fill out a volunteer application form. The deadline to apply is Monday, June 17. 




Community Response Encouraged

The Healthy Together Steering Committee began planning for the survey in December 2023.

The CASPER process involves choosing 60 census tracts within the five counties, both rural and city centered. Seven houses within each tract are then selected at random.

The survey teams will ask residents about their safety concerns, access to health care, knowledge of mental and behavioral health services, barriers to receiving care, and preferred communication methods. 

People will not be graded on their answers, and their answers will be completely confidential. 

The survey should identify gaps in the local response to community health needs.

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete at the resident’s doorstep, after which they will be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card.

The CASPER Survey is a quick and reliable series of questions that provide leaders with household-based information about a community, strengthening our counties public health response and resilience.


Contact Information

Community members who have questions about the CASPER survey or are interested in volunteering can call Lewis and Clark Public Health Prevention Program Supervisor Julie Bir at 406-457-8979 or email her at jbir@lccountymt.gov