Rural Improvement Districts

The Lewis and Clark County Public Works Department maintains approximately 550 miles of roads. County tax dollars pay for maintenance on high traffic roads or those that collect traffic from large areas. As with many large, primarily rural Montana counties, there is not enough funding to maintain all public roads, many of which only benefit a few properties. One option for road and other public works improvements and maintenance is to create a Rural Improvement District (RID). A RID is a legal taxing authority that can raise funds in specific areas for specific improvements and on-going maintenance.

RIDs are:

  1. Citizen, developer or County-initiated.
  2. Paid for by an annual property tax assessment.
  3. Very specific: funds cannot be used for anything other than what is indicated in the RID resolution, for the area it applies to.

RIDs allow residents of Lewis and Clark County to finance, construct and maintain improvements for the following:

  • Existing road beds and surfacing;
  • Ditches;
  • Ancillary road features such as turnouts for mailboxes and school busses, sidewalks, culverts, curb and gutters;
  • Grading, re-grading, dust control and vegetation management;
  • Storm water systems;
  • Fire suppression systems;
  • Flood control systems;
  • Public parks, trails and open space lands.


Rural Improvement District Maps


Rural Improvement District 2023/2024 Approved Snow Plow Contractor List(PDF, 98KB)

About RIDs

The Board of County Commissioners may create special improvement districts outside the limits of incorporated cities and towns. The districts may be created for the purpose of building, constructing, or maintaining a wide variety of improvements such as sidewalks, roads, water, sewer, storm drain and other utility infrastructure systems, parks and recreational facilities. A complete list of the type of improvements RIDs may be created for is found in 7-12-4102, MCA.

If you are interested in creating a RID, please call the County Planning Office at 447-8375. They can explain the RID creation process over the phone or setup a planning meeting with residents to discuss the type of improvements residents are interested in constructing and the costs associated with a RID.

Rural Improvement Information by District

For copies of the official Resolution documents, please visit the Lewis and Clark County Clerk and Recorders office located in Room 113 of the City-County Building; 316 North Park Avenue, Helena, MT.

Applegate/Norris Road

Augusta Lighting

Bel Air Addition Road

District 2006-5

District Map(PDF, 57KB)


2006-116(PDF, 235KB)

2006-132(PDF, 264KB)

2007-107(PDF, 110KB)


Bel Air Curbs - District 2006-6

(District was created for Subdivision Curb Improvements and is no longer a district)


2006-117(PDF, 93KB)

2006-133(PDF, 93KB)

2007-108(PDF, 47KB)


Big Sky Subdivision Road

Buffalo Hills Road

Country Winds Fire

District 2020-02

2020-108(PDF, 3MB)

Countryside Road

Crestwood Green Estates Road

District 2010-2 

District Map(PDF, 160KB)


2003-67(PDF, 210KB)

6/17/2003 The Board of County Commissioners Denied Creation of the District (see Public Meeting Minutes)

2010-328(PDF, 186KB)

2010-357(PDF, 332KB)

2011-21(PDF, 126KB)

2013-76(PDF, 3MB)

2013-104(PDF, 6MB)

Fawn Meadow Estates Road

Foothills Estates Road

Fox Crossing Road

Garden Valley Estates Road

Gilbert Schatz Morris Road

Glacier Point Road

Golden Meadows Fire

District 2022-08


2022-83(PDF, 2MB)

2023-77(PDF, 3MB)

Golden Meadows Road

District 2022-07


2022-83(PDF, 2MB)

2023-76(PDF, 943KB)

Grand Valley Estates Road

Grand Vista Estates Fire

District 2021-7


2021-96(PDF, 2MB)

2023-72(PDF, 4MB)

Grand Vista Estates Road

District 2021-6


2021-95(PDF, 3MB)

2023-73(PDF, 3MB)

Grass-Land Major Subdivision Road

Gruber Minor Road

Hahn Road

District 2023-1

District Map


2022-107(PDF, 6MB)

2023-6(PDF, 6MB)

2023-11(PDF, 1MB)


Harvest Acres Minor Fire

District No. 2019-003

District Map(PDF, 120KB)


2019-83(PDF, 130KB)

Harvest Acres Minor Road

District No. 2019-002

District Map(PDF, 125KB)


2019-82(PDF, 139KB)

Hayfield Estates Road

Heron Creek Road

Hoff (Lot 3) Road

Jeanne Road

District 2023-2


2023-4(PDF, 3MB)

2023-12(PDF, 8MB)

2023-16(PDF, 1MB)


Kamp Fire

District No. 2017-12


2017-150(PDF, 139KB)

2018-77(PDF, 79KB)

Kamp Road

District 2017-11


2017-149(PDF, 146KB)

2018-76(PDF, 80KB)

Lake Home Road

Lambkins Improvement

Lincoln Improvement

Long Gulch Road

Lorac Road

Lower Rosemary Road

District 2007-1





Mayville Manor Road

District 2022-01




McHugh Road

Mud Springs Road

North Forty Estates Road

North Valley Downs

District 1988-1 (AKA: North Valley Downs)

(Roads in North Valley Downs Subdivision: Tubbie Rd & Jockey Dr)


1987-77(PDF, 62KB)

1988-1(PDF, 65KB)

1989-92(PDF, 41KB)

Oleo Acres

District 1995-1 (AKA: Oleo Acres)

(Roads in Oleo AcresSubdivision: BirklandDr)


1995-4(PDF, 156KB)

1995-105(PDF, 108KB)

1998-113(PDF, 118KB)

2017-101(PDF, 94KB)

Oro Fino Park

District 2001-1 (AKA: Oro Fino Park)

(Improving and Maintining Oro Fino Park)


2001-4(PDF, 257KB)

2001-32(PDF, 211KB)

2001-69(PDF, 150KB)

2006-90(PDF, 122KB)

Oro Fino Roads

District 1994-5 (AKA: Oro Fino Subdivision)

(Roads in Oro Fino Subdivision: BirklandDr)


1994-188(PDF, 137KB)

2005-35(PDF, 40KB)

2005-101(PDF, 84KB)


District 2007-4 (AKA: Pimley Subdivision)

(Internal Access Roads: Tronrud Dr & Shore View Rd)


2007-52(PDF, 120KB)

2007-141(PDF, 52KB)

Pine Hills

District 1990-12 (AKA: Pine Hills)

(Pine Hills Dr, Sportsmans Way, Pinecrest Dr)


1990-57(PDF, 141KB)

1990-66(PDF, 266KB)

1990-83(PDF, 27KB)

1992-6(PDF, 166KB)

1993-79(PDF, 47KB)

2016-54(PDF, 1MB)

Pleasant Valley Lighting

District 1981-1 (AKA: Pleasant Valley Lighting)

(Operating and Maintaining Lighting System in Pleasant Valley Subdivision)


1981-42(PDF, 179KB)

1981-42 (Amended)(PDF, 173KB)

1981-47(PDF, 219KB)

1988-60(PDF, 68KB)

1988-68(PDF, 42KB)

1997-111(PDF, 414KB)

2002-18(PDF, 260KB)

Pleasant Valley Roads

District 1990-6 (AKA: Pleasant Valley Roads)

(Internal Roads of Pleasant Valley Subdivision)


1990-40(PDF, 108KB)

1997-1(PDF, 102KB)

1997-14(PDF, 462KB)

1997-110(PDF, 446KB)

2007-55(PDF, 353KB)

Powder River Court

District 2012-1 (AKA: Powder River Ct)

(Maintenance of Powder River Court)


2012-140(PDF, 447KB)

2014-43(PDF, 91KB)

Prickly Pear

District 1985-2 (AKA: Prickly Pear)

(Dusty Maiden Dr, M Scotty Dr, Rocky Road, Smitty Court, Lonesome Lp, Kaitlyn Lp, Legacy Lp, Rawhide Ct, B&K Rd, Desert Ct, Jungers Ct, Derek Rd, Shanda Ct, Rachelle Rd, Carrie Ct, the portion of Horse Creek Road within the RID, Hollygrap Ct and Ivesia Ct)


1985-54(PDF, 58KB)

2005-16(PDF, 413KB)

2005-33(PDF, 385KB)

2005-34(PDF, 231KB)

2005-106 (Set 1 of 2)(PDF, 786KB)

2005-106 (Set 2 of 2)(PDF, 201KB)

Ranchview Estates

Raven/Black Mountain

District 2005-4 (AKA: Raven Road and Black Mountain Drive)

(Maintaining above named roads)


2005-51(PDF, 213KB)

2005-67(PDF, 178KB)

2005-68(PDF, 129KB)

Red Wing/Shangri La

District 1993-1 (AKA: Redwing and Shangri La Drive)

(Maintenance above listed roads)


1993-38(PDF, 170KB)

1993-88(PDF, 148KB)

1993-104(PDF, 33KB)

1993-130(PDF, 320KB)

1997-107(PDF, 109KB)

Contract Document(PDF, 199KB)

2017-112(PDF, 106KB)

Red Fox Meadows - Flood Water Detention Pond


District 2007-1 (AKA: Rosemary)

(Rosemary Dr, Sagebrush Dr, Thomas Ct, Chad Rd, Coleman Rd & Parsley Rd)


2007-29(PDF, 244KB)

2007-44(PDF, 293KB)

2007-45(PDF, 178KB)


District 2005-8 (AKA: Rosendale)

(Maintenance of Rosendale from Gindale Rd intersection to Lot15A)


2005-143(PDF, 145KB)

2006-4(PDF, 145KB)

2006-5(PDF, 83KB)

2017-113(PDF, 93KB)

Ryan Minor

District 2006-8


2006-139(PDF, 97KB)

2007-143(PDF, 49KB)


District 2001-3 (AKA: Schmidtville)

(Vallejo Rd, Lydia Rd, Grace Dr & Sandy Dr)


2001-23(PDF, 261KB)

2001-38(PDF, 258KB)

2001-81(PDF, 160KB)

Silver Creek Ranchettes

District 1997-5 (AKA: Silver Creek Ranchettes)(Roads within Silver Creek Ranchettes Subdivision)


1997-86(PDF, 85KB)

1997-103(PDF, 212KB)

1997-104(PDF, 172KB)

2008-128(PDF, 151KB)

2015-117(PDF, 2MB)

Sky View

District 2008-9 (AKA: Sky View)(Roads within Sky View Subdivision)


2008-127(PDF, 331KB)

2009-4(PDF, 32KB)

2009-17(PDF, 316KB)

South Boundary

District 2006-3 (AKA: South Boundary)

(Roads within South Boundary II Subdivision)


2006-38(PDF, 97KB)

2007-13(PDF, 68KB)

South Forestvale

District No. 2015-7

Resolution to Create the District:

Resolution No. 2015-98(PDF, 125KB)

Resolution to Levy and Assess the District:

Resolution No. 2016-66(PDF, 78KB)

Resolution of Intention to Create the Amended District:

Resolution No. 2018-18(PDF, 159KB)

Resolution to Create the Amended District:

Resolution No. 2018-31(PDF, 171KB)

Resolution to Levy and Assess the Amended District:

Resolution No. 2018-54(PDF, 175KB)


District 2008-2 (AKA: Spruce Drive)

(Maintenance of Spruce Drive)


2008-58(PDF, 171KB)

2008-78(PDF, 60KB)

Sunny Vista

District 1990-13 (AKA: Sunny Vista)

(Portion of Head Dr, Blue Grouse Rd, Sunny Vista Rd, Corral Rd & Treeline Trail)


1990-78(PDF, 113KB)

1990-89(PDF, 121KB)

1990-111(PDF, 177KB)

2001-12(PDF, 222KB)

2003-28(PDF, 208KB)

2017-114(PDF, 229KB)


District 1991-1 (AKA: Tenneson Subdivision)

(A portion of Tenneson Road From McHugh, East)


1991-81(PDF, 133KB)

1991-94(PDF, 73KB)

1992-31(PDF, 183KB)

1992-105(PDF, 185KB)

1992-114(PDF, 41KB)

1994-126(PDF, 36KB)

Tilly Court

Tilly Court Rural Improvement District No. 2011-2

Resolution 2011-156(PDF, 75KB)

Resolution 2018-78(PDF, 60KB)

Timber Works Estates

District 2011-3 (AKA: Timber Works Estates)

(Subdivision Road, and Mailbox Improvements)


2011-164(PDF, 110KB)

2012-107(PDF, 42KB)

2013-114(PDF, 934KB)

2019-81(PDF, 212KB)

Town View

District 1990-9 (AKA: Town View Estates)

(Internal Subdivision Roads)


1990-47(PDF, 107KB)

1990-58(PDF, 113KB)

1990-105(PDF, 51KB)

1998-66(PDF, 192KB)

2007-32(PDF, 128KB)

Treasure State

District 1987-2 (AKA: Treasure State Acres & Capitol Mobile Estates and Adjacent Lots)

(Internal Subdivision Roads)


1987-28(PDF, 55KB)

1987-39(PDF, 36KB)

1990-39(PDF, 187KB)

1990-82(PDF, 286KB)

1994-147(PDF, 883KB)

2006-143 (Part 1 of 2)(PDF, 495KB)

2006-143 (Part 2 of 2)(PDF, 244KB)

Valley View Farms


District 2001-6 (AKA: Vandenbergh Village)

(Roads within District)


2001-28(PDF, 371KB)

2001-41(PDF, 246KB)

2001-82(PDF, 172KB)

Wheat Ridge Estates

District 2010-1 (AKA: Wheat Ridge Estates)

(Harvest Loop and Common Mailbox Structure)


2010-293(PDF, 229KB)

2010-317(PDF, 131KB)

2010-326(PDF, 115KB)

2014-94(PDF, 174KB)

Wheat Ridge Estates Phase III

Wheat Ridge Estates, Phase III Rural Improvement District No. 2018-02

Resolution 2018-92(PDF, 116KB)

Resolution 2019-67(PDF, 96KB)

Woodlawn Service Connection

District 2008-3 (AKA: Woodlawn Service Connection)

(Individual Wastewater Connections)


2008-81(PDF, 543KB)

2008-92(PDF, 84KB)

York Road

District 2006-1 (AKA: York Road)

(York Road, section beyond York)


2006-31(PDF, 209KB)

2006-44(PDF, 237KB)

2006-45(PDF, 158KB)

2012-93(PDF, 188KB)