Lewis and Clark County is very fortunate to have caring and concerned citizens who volunteer their time to serve on boards, commissions and committees. Some of these boards and committees are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, while others are comprised of members elected by their special district constituents.

For additional information about Boards and Committees, please contact the Commission Office at 406-447-8304.


There are various groups of concerned citizens who meet to discuss County business – they make decisions and/or recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners, which help to shape the County’s future and set standards and goals for the community. The volunteers dedicate much of their time, talent and hard work to their respective boards and committees. Their continued commitment is the reason for the quality of life that is unique to Lewis and Clark County.

Board & Committee Appointment Policy

Board Application


Montana law authorizes the creation of districts for a specialized and limited purpose.

In Lewis and Clark County there are 30 such "Special Purpose Districts:" nine Fire Districts, four Fire Service Areas, twelve Water and/or Sewer Districts, a Soil Conservation District, Park District, Irrigation District, Hospital District, and Community Council. Each of these Special Purpose Districts is governed by an elected board or council.

For more information on Special Purpose District meetings and operations, contact a member of the special district's board.

List of Special Purpose District Board Members in Lewis and Clark County(PDF, 55KB)

For additional information about these special purpose districts, please contact the Elections Department at 406-447-8338.


Board Vacancies

(click here(PDF, 103KB))

  • Augusta Solid Waste Board
  • Forestvale Cemetery Board 
  • Forestvale Historic Preservation Committee
  • Heritage Preservation and Tourism Development Council
  • Human Services Task Force
  • Lewis and Clark County DUI Task Force
  • Lincoln Parks Board
  • Lincoln Solid Waste Board
  • Open Lands Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Scratch Gravel Solid Waste Management District
  • Tax Appeal Board
  • Weed Board - Augusta, Wolf Creek, and Lincoln Areas