Photography Project

Project Description

Photography provides an interesting activity or project for youth of all ages. Photography introduces you to a useful hobby and a career field, giving you educational guidance as you develop skills in taking and using pictures. You will also gain an appreciation of photography as an art, science, and communication tool that will help you to observe and appreciate your surroundings. Photography is an excellent way to record events, ideas, and situations in picture form for later use.

Project Requirements

Project Books Required?: No, but the project book is strongly recommended for first-year members.

Project books can be purchased HERE

*** Please note, if you do not attend at least one workshop in your project area during the 4-H year, you will be required to complete activities in your project book and turn it in with your record book. The number of activities required to complete a 4-H year in each project book can be found HERE

What needs to be accomplished to move on to level 2?

  • Attend and participate in photography workshops
  • Exhibit photos in the county fair and 4-H Photo Show
  • Must move up to level 2 if you have been in the photography project for 3 years or longer

What needs to be accomplished to move on to level 3?

  • Attend and participate in photography workshops
  • Exhibit photos in the county fair and 4-H Photo Show
  • Demonstrate progress and refinement of photography skills through levels 1 & 2
  • Level 3 members must serve as a photography project junior superintendent

What needs to be accomplished to move to the next levels from here?

  • Independent study/project on photography-related subject
  • Participation in leadership-oriented service in the photography project

Project age limit? 8 and up

What should new members know?

The Lewis & Clark County 4-H Photography project relies heavily on participation in monthly workshops and the pursuit of great photos on your own outside of our workshops. Photography is a craft of "practice makes perfect," and we work on the 4-H Learn By Doing model. Although we don't strive for perfection, I strongly encourage carrying your camera around, thinking creatively, looking for photo opportunities, and taking lots of photos. I don't put a lot of emphasis on learning the mechanics of a camera, or understanding photo technique-I expect the 4-H'er to learn that through experience and familiarity with the camera they are using. Instead, our workshops and focus will be on developing your aesthetic sense, challenging your creativity, and looking at the world, through your camera lens from new and exciting perspectives. Attendance at workshops is strongly recommended, and roll will be taken. Participation in our annual 4-H Photo Show and exhibiting photos in the Lewis & Clark County Fair are mandatory. I don't require project members to complete the 4-H photography project book, but it is strongly recommended for first-year members. You can pursue your photography through any camera you have available, including Digital SLR cameras, point-and-shoot digital cameras, or mobile devices like Apple and Samsung cell phones. As with all 4-H projects, completing your record book is mandatory.

For more information, a calendar of events, equipment recommendations and online galleries of past projects, please vist the Lewis & Clark County 4-H photography website at


  • October: No meeting
  • November: Introduction/Orientation meeting
  • December: Photo workshop (tour of Kevin League Photo Gallery)
  • January: Photo workshop/Photo challenge (TBD)
  • February: Photo workshop (underwater photography)
  • March: Photo workshop/Photo challenge (TBD)
  • April: Photo workshop (Food photography)
  • May: Annual Photo Show - Holter Museum of Art
  • June: Photo workshop (Photography judging and presentation)
  • July: Judging and exhibit at County Fair
  • August: No meeting
  • September: No meeting

Project Superintendent Information

Photography Superintendent: Luke Duran
Please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE for more information.
Contact: elementl(at)
How will you be contacted? Website, newsletter, email and text reminders
Text messages:
Email: Sign up at

Junior Superintendents: Alyssa White

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