Livestock Judging Project

Project Description Sheep Livestock Judging

This project teaches you to select and evaluate livestock, give oral reasons, and place classes of livestock. Evaluation of livestock is an exciting and thought-provoking experience. The ultimate goal of livestock judging is to compare your perception of and animal against the ideal, and then to contrast your opinion with another individual or group.

There are no levels within this project. There will be increasing contest scores. Will practice your ability to place classes accurately increases. Which in a contest increases your scores.

Project Requirements

Project Books Required? No

Project books can be purchased here

*** Please note, if you do not attend at least one workshop in your project area during the 4-H year, you will be required to complete activities in your project book and turn it in with your record book. The number of activities required to complete a 4-H year in each project book can be found here. 

Project age limit?

8 and up

What needs to be accomplished to move on to future levels? 

There are no levels other than junior and seniors. Progressive advancement in success and scores shows improvement from year to year. 

What do new 4-H families need to know about this project?

  • This project requires no equipment, only your active participation. A judging pro booklet can be purchased, but handouts and online resources are available. The purpose of this project is to learn livestock evaluation of four species events to plan for are local field trip practice sessions.
  • Contests are located all over the state and travel on a school day may occur. There are currently 2-3 that would be overnight. If weather permits
  • Contests require registration and payment prior to the event and are paid for by 4-H. Lodging would also be paid for. 
  • This project is a learning by your own pace with continual improvement of judging skills and presenting oral reasons. 

Outline of Activities

  • Mid October - NILE
  • Mid November - MSU John Deere Days
  • December - MIles City Beef Contest
  • Mid January - KMON Great Falls
  • Late January - Lewistown Winterfest
  • Mid April - Missoula Contest
  • September - Field Trips


Project Superintendent Information

Livestock Judging Superintendent: Georgana Webster
Contact: legallyblondentall(at) or 406-438-2842
How will you be contacted? Text, email and phone.

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