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For your awareness:

Lewis and Clark County Elections would like voters to be aware that unsolicited registration forms are being mailed to people throughout the county. These are valid registration forms sent out by an unaffiliated outside organization. If you've received one and you are registered to vote, this does not mean your registration status has been changed. You can check your registration status here, or call us at (406) 447-8339

What's next on the ballot?

November 7, 2023 Municipal Election for the City of Helena and the City of East Helena

Enough candidates filed for Helena Citizen's Council Neighborhood District #1 to be competitive. Ballots will be mailed out to all active electors residing within the district on October 23. All other races for the City of Helena and the City of East Helena had one candidate per seat available and are non-competitive. These races will be declared elected by acclamation in accordance with Montana statute. If you have any questions, please contact the Elections Office at (406) 447-8339

Election reminders:

  • Check your voter status or polling place by visiting MyVoterPageMT.com or call (406) 447-8339.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID or other acceptable forms of identification with you to your polling place when you vote.
  • Absentee ballots are accepted at the County Elections Office or any polling place until 8:00 pm on Election Day.
  • When returning absentee ballots by mail, we recommend mailing them back one week or more before Election Day so they arrive before the deadline.
  • Not registered? Visit us at your County Elections Office.
  • Find a list of Lewis and Clark County Polling Places here(PDF, 223KB). (Note: Polling Places are not open for Mail Ballot elections)

Find answers to common elections and voting questions:

Where can I find voter registration and ballot request forms?

What is on the next ballot?

How do I vote in the next election?

Where can I find Election Results?

Where can I find more information about running as a candidate in an election?

Other resources:

How do I vote in the next election?

  1. Register to vote.(PDF, 765KB) (Regular registration closes 30 days before Election Day. If it is within 30 days of the election, you may "late register" in person at the elections office.
  2. Request an absentee (mailed) ballot(PDF, 389KB) or use My Voter Page to locate your polling place.*
    *For many local elections, such as school or city elections, there are no polling places - all ballots are mailed.
  3. Submit your absentee/mail ballot by 8pm on Election Day** or visit your polling place by 8pm on Election Day.
    **Postmarks are not accepted on absentee/mail ballots; your ballot must be received by 8pm on Election Day!

For more information, visit our Voter Information Page or contact us.

Where can I find Election Results?

Results are available on our website here. Additional results can be found on the Secretary of State's website. Contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Where can I find more information about running as a candidate in an election?

Candidates for County, City, or Special Purpose District offices must file paperwork with the county elections department in order to appear on the ballot. We can only accept candidate filing forms during certain time periods. When that time period is approaching, we will post additional information for candidates on the webpage for candidates, including candidate filing forms.

Please note that while we may post some information regarding candidate qualifications on our website, it is your responsibility to determine whether or not you are eligible to run and hold the office.

If you would like more information on filing for State or Federal Offices, including legislative offices, you can find more information on the Secretary of State's webpage for candidates.

Candidates for school boards usually file with the school clerk. More information about running for school board can be found on the Office of Public Instruction's website or by contacting the clerk at your school district's business office.

Look up your voter registration information with My Voter Page

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  • Confirm your voter registration information
  • Track your absentee ballot in Federal Elections
  • Locate your polling place
  • View your Federal Primary or Federal General sample ballot

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About the Elections Department

One of five departments under County Treasurer/Clerk and Recorder Amy Reeves, the Elections Department is responsible for administering all federal, state, county, and special purpose district elections in Lewis and Clark County according to federal and state election laws. Elections for school boards, bonds, and levies may be run by the Elections Department, or by the school district's school clerk.

As a part of administering these elections, the department maintains the voter registration files for approximately 50,000 registered voters in Lewis and Clark County.

If you can't find what you're looking for on our website, call us at 406-447-8339, send an email to elections@lccountymt.gov, or stop by the office on the first floor of the City-County building in downtown Helena, 316 N Park Ave, Rm 168 in Helena.

Popular Election Forms

Voter Registration Application(PDF, 765KB)

Absentee Ballot Application (Request to Receive Ballots by Mail)(PDF, 389KB)

Replacement Ballot Request Form(PDF, 138KB)

Application for Designation of Agent(PDF, 363KB)

Request for Voter File or Absentee List(PDF, 111KB)