Pools and Spas

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Licensing & Inspecting Pools, Spas

The Licensed Establishment Inspection Program inspects public swimming pools and spas to insure adequate levels of disinfectant, appropriate pH levels and functioning re-circulation equipment.


CDC's Healthy Swimming program offers information and resources to raise awareness about recreational water illnesses and how to prevent them by practicing "Healthy Swimming" behaviors.

The Montana Food and Consumer Safety Section provides information on state laws regarding swimming pools, spas and swimming areas. (Scroll down to the swimming pools section.)

“Our purpose in doing inspections is to prevent disease and injury by evaluating water quality, clarity, and facility safety,” said Laurel Riek, supervisor of the health department’s Licensed Establishment Program. “Operating a pool or spa is complicated and requires specialized training, as well as time and attention. These awards honor those facilities that maintain safe and comfortable water chemistry even with the challenges of sporadic heavy use, ventilation in indoor areas, and weather in outdoor areas.”