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4-H Donation Form

Click HERE(PDF, 222KB) for the 4-H donation form. When filling this form out please note what is listed on the first line is what gets written down. This is very important when it comes to signs being made to ensure there are no mistakes.

Risk Management



Learn About Volunteering

Who Can Volunteer

  • Anyone over 18

  • Anyone who wants to make the best better

  • Must be willing to complete a background check

  • Must be willing to attend professional development

    4-H youth ambassadors standing in a circle around a 4-H volunteer during Ambassador training 2018

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Share your passion with youth

  • Feel pride in making a big impact in the lives of others

  • Develop and refine your teaching skills

  • Understand and contribute to your community

  • Be part of something bigger than yourself

    4-H statistics, nearly 6 million total participants. Of these, 1.8 million are urban, 1.6 million are suburban, and 2.6 million are rural.


We can always use more people on the following committees:

Who Can Be A Volunteer?

Anyone over 18 years of age who completes the 4-H Volunteer Certification Process below can work one-on-one with youth and be recognized as a certified 4-H volunteer. BUT you don't need to be certified to volunteer with us or help our leaders out! Call the extension office if you have any questions.

Please fill the volunteer interest in the tab below to indicate what you are interested in helping with!

The Process of Applying As A New Volunteer

Step 1:

First you can see what volunteer positions we have available by viewing the volunteer interest form below and we can provide you more information. If you know what you want to help with, please contact the Extension Office by e-mailing lewisclark(at)montana.edu or calling (406) 447-8346. Please keep in mind elections to serve on Council, Foundation, and as a superintendent for the Outdoor and Indoor Committees happens in October. You can find current elections information by clicking here.

Step 2:

You must enroll in ZSuites. This is a totally online service. If you need help, please use the chat box or call the Extension Office. Once you enroll online we use Verified Volunteers to run a background check.


Step 3:

Staff at the Montana 4-H Center will review results of the background check and any applicant disclosures.

  • If your background screening is clear, you will be approved on ZSuites
  • If your background screening is not clear, and/or you disclosed information on your application, the Montana 4-H Center conducts a reference check, and approves/rejects the applicant based on the background check and the references. Applicants may be approved with restrictions, which will be outlined in the acceptance letter sent by the 4-H State Office.
  • If you are not approved in a timely manner, this may be because:
    • The above steps were not completed.
    • Incomplete information was received.


Step 4:

Upon approval of your Verified Volunteers background screening, your ZSuites profile will be activated.

  • Review your profile for accuracy or to make any changes.


Step 5:

Your enrollment status on ZSuites will be displayed as "Pending" until the Extension Office confirms your membership.

  • Prior to confirming your membership you will need to pay a $20 enrollment fee online, in person, or by mail
    • Checks should be made out to Lewis & Clark County 4-H Council
    • Checks/cash can be mailed or dropped off at 100 West Custer Ave, Helena, MT 59602
  • You will be notified of professional development opportunities throughout the year. In the meantime, please take a look at the 4-H Volunteer Orientation Factsheet(PDF, 281KB)

2018 4-H state officers with their advisor

New Volunteer Resources


Click here to view form.

Re-enrolling as a Current Volunteer 

If you are re-enrolling as a Lewis and Clark County 4-H Volunteer, please re-enroll on ZSuites starting October 1st and submit enrollment fees by December 31st. Failure to re-enroll by December 31st results in a $50 late fee for both youth and adult members.

If a full year has gone by without re-enrolling, you will be required to go through the full enrollment process again, including a background check which costs $30. Your first background check is covered by the Lewis & Clark County 4-H Council.



Organizational/Club Leaders Resources

As a club leader, it is your role to help guide your officers with planning and running meetings, as well as supervising during club meetings or events. You are playing a supporting role so that your club officers are successful. Here are some resources to help you with this.

Click Here to Access the New 4-H Club Leader Handbook!

Click Here to Access 4-H Club Officer Materials!

Resources by month:



September - October

November - December

  • Club Re-enrollments - Due by the last business day of December on ZSuites. Late enrollments cost $50/family.


Project Leader Resources

As a project leader, it is your role to work with members enrolled in a specific project or project area, assisting them to plan and carry out experiences that will help them reach their learning goals. Support the positive growth and development of each youth involved. Develop important life skills and create opportunities for you to learn, lead and serve. Time commitment may be two to four hours for planning, working directly with youth, and follow up for each project meeting. More time can be spent, if desired, by volunteers and members in the project group. Project leadership can be a short-term opportunity. A variety of options are available, such as working once a month, once a week, for a short terms periods or for the 4-H year (October to September).

Project and Club Books can be ordered online. Members should check with project leaders on whether or not they need project books. Project Books ARE NOT Record Books.

Click Here to Access the New 4-H Project Leader Handbook!


 Resources by month:



  • No Council meeting
  • Fair review meetings


  • Nominations are taken for Superintendent positions
  • End of the 4-H year
    • Reflect on the previous year and begin thinking about the next 4-H year
    • Montana 4-H Volunteer Resources
    • Consider forming a Facebook Group or Microsoft Team for your project


  • New 4-H Year begins on October 1st!

November - May


  • Prepare for Fair


Volunteer Awards 

4-H Volunteer Awards are given out each year at the Lewis & Clark County 4-H Awards Night in October. Volunteers can be nominated between May 1st and October 1st each year using this online Volunteer Awards form. Please watch this website, 4-H social media, and the 4-H newsletter to know when nominations are open and get access to the nomination form.

Find the list of previous winners HERE.

  • Community Benefactor Award
    • Given to an individual, club, or business providing special service to the Lewis & Clark County 4-H Program.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council
  • Many Hats Award
    • Recognizes the volunteer who does it all! This aware recognizes the volunteer who is "always there." Candidate must be an enrolled active adult leader in Lewis & Clark County 4-H.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council
  • Outstanding New Volunteer Award
    • This award is designated for volunteers who have been enrolled for two years or less as an adult leader. Candidate must be an enrolled active adult leader in Lewis & Clark County 4-H.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council
  • Appreciation Award
    • Recognizes dedication and devoted service given to 4-H. This award can be awarded to any active enrolled leader, volunteer, or employed staff with Lewis & Clark 4-H whose service is outstanding.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council
  • Distinguished Service Award
    • Honors that individual who has already received the Appreciation Award or Many Hats Award and has continued to contribute significantly to 4-H countywide. Candidate must be an enrolled active adult leader in Lewis & Clark County.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council
  • Club Leader of the Year Award
    • Honors a Lewis & Clark County Club Leader who has gone above and beyond for their club, ensuring youth empowerment and 4-H family success.
    • Name on plaque in the Extension Office, additional gift from 4-H Council




 Professional Development Opportunities

Volunteer Excellence Webinars

  • Click the link above to learn about fundraising, managing risk, life skills at the livestock sale, club strategies, and more!

State Volunteer Facebook Page

  • Click the link above to connect with Montana 4-H volunteers from all over the state!

Montana 4-H Shooting Sports Training
Multiple Dates Throughout the Year Throughout Montana

  • Shooting Sports is the 4th largest 4-H project in Montana with over 2,600 youth enrolled annually in the combined disciplines of archery, hunting, muzzle loading, pistol, rifle, and shotgun. Trained leaders are able to provide youth an opportunity to learn safety, leadership, sportsmanship, decision making, and technical skills, in addition to the opportunity to compete at the local, state and national level.


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