Horse Project

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Horse projects provide youth with an opportunity to handle, care for, ride or drive horses. There are 10 horse projects. Members must have completed levels 1-3 in Horsemanship to participate in the Advanced Horse Projects. Members are eligible to participate in Horse projects according to ability and skill level. SKILL LEVELS DO NOT NECESSARILY CORRESPOND TO YEARS. It is possible to complete several levels in a year; or youth may take several years to complete one level. Assessment sheets are provided for leaders to determine when a member completes the levels.

Project Requirements

Project Books Required? Yes

Required for your horse project. Click the links below to order your books online.

*** Please note, if you do not attend at least one workshop in your project area during the 4-H year, you will be required to complete activities in your project book and turn it in with your record book. The number of activities required to complete a 4-H year in each project book can be found here.

What needs to be accomplished to move on to other levels?

  • To move-up in any level you must get a purple or reserve or grand in your level class. If you receive a blue or lower you must be assessed to move-up. You must also be working in your project book at the level you want to move into.
  • You can only stay in a level for three years.

Click HERE for descriptions of projects offered in the Lewis & Clark County(PDF, 75KB)

Project age limit? 8 and up
Colt to Maturity or Green horse must be 12 years old & completed levels 1, 2, and 3.


  • There will be monthly meetings every first sunday of the month at 4:00 p.m in the Bill Hamilton Building.
  • November - Helmet & policy requirements 
  • December - Youth get together 
  • January - Workshop
  • February - Workshop and showmanship clinic
  • March - Either Western or English clinic and workshop
  • April - Reining clinic and workshop
  • May - Trail clinic, Ranch clinic and workshop
  • June - Practice Horse Show
  • July - Ranch practice and county shows
  • August - Practice for state horse shows
  • September - State shows


Project Superintendent Information 


Horse Superintendents: Beckie Graham

Contact: 406-459-8828 bbghorselover(at)
How will you be contacted? Email, Facebook and Newsletter 

Junior Superintendent:

Lewis & Clark County 4-H Horse Project Facebook Page


What should new members know?

  • $50.00 Horse project fee
  • Horse Vaccines are due by May 25th
  • Horse Vet Checks are required for state shows
  • Helmets are required for all riding clinics
  • Standard Western and/or English tack and equipment
  • Standard Western and/or English attire for fair and state
  • Potential arena fees for optional open rides
  • Record books required (no cost)
  • Rope for Ranch Horse
  • There may be additional costs for clinics

Information & Forms

4-H Horse Practice Show(PDF, 159KB) Registration - due June 10th

State Horse Project Information - Has forms, project books, patterns, and events.

2019-2020 Horse Policy Manual(PDF, 477KB)

Horse Bit Guidelines

Horse ID Form(PDF, 560KB) - due May 24

Horse Patterns

Colt to Maturity/Green Horse Patterns
English Horsemanship Patterns
Hunter Hack Patterns
Showmanship Patterns
Western Horsemanship Patterns

State Entry Information

Montana 4-H State Horse Show Information and Rules
Montana 4-H Working Ranch Horse Finals Information and Rule
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI)


Junior Horse Award(PDF, 97KB)

Senior Horse Award(PDF, 99KB)


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