Fire Districts and Service Areas

Fire Service Areas

  • Augusta Fire Service Area
  • Dearborn Fire Service Area (Lewis and Clark County, DFSA is administered by Cascade County)
  • Lewis and Clark Fire Service Area
  • Tri-Lakes Fire Service Area
  • West Side Fire Service Area
  • Wolf Creek/Craig Fire Service Area
  • York Fire Service Area

Rural Fire Districts

  • Augusta Rural Fire District
  • Baxendale Rural Fire District
  • Birdseye Rural Fire District
  • Canyon Creek Rural Fire District
  • Eastgate Rural Fire District
  • East Valley Rural Fire District
  • Lincoln Rural Fire District
  • Marysville Rural Fire District
  • Montana City Rural Fire District ( Lewis and Clark County- MCRFD is administered by Jefferson County)
  • West Valley Fire Rescue District

Rural Fire Council

Rural Fire Council


County and Valley Fire Maps (PDF)

Visit the County Interactive Mapping Site to view individual districts or contact the GIS Office


The Board of County Commissioners may establish and govern Fire Districts through MCA TITLE 7. LOCAL GOVERNMENT, CHAPTER 33. FIRE PROTECTION, Part 21. Rural Fire Districts.

The Board of County Commissioners is authorized to establish fire districts in any unincorporated territory upon presentation of a petition in writing signed by the owners of 40% or more of the real property in the proposed district and owners of property representing 40% or more of the taxable value of property in the proposed district.

After the board of county commissioners establishes a fire district, the commissioners:

(1) may contract with a city, town, private fire company, or other public entity to furnish all fire protection services for property within the district; or
(2) shall appoint five qualified trustees to govern and manage the fire district.

Generally, the Commission chooses to allow trustees to govern and manage the district. In addition, the trustees of a fire district generally enter into contracts for fire protection services of a volunteer fire department.

Many of the Rural Fire Districts and Fire Service Areas have mutual aid agreements that allow assistance between entities- providing better service to our residents.

Rural Fire Districts receive funding through mill levy elections (15-10-420)