IT&S Policies

2021 Approved Security Policies

The following documents represent Lewis & Clark County and City of Helena technology direction and policies. Exemptions to individual sections of this document or subsections therein may be granted by the IT Board or its designated representative(s) on a case by case basis. These documents do not supersede state or federal laws.

Acceptable Use - ITSEC001(PDF, 510KB)

Information Security - ITSEC002(PDF, 482KB)

Vendor Management - ITSEC003(PDF, 386KB)

Asset Management - ITSEC004(PDF, 455KB)

Access Control and Authorization - ITSEC005(PDF, 434KB)

Audit Controls - ITSEC006(PDF, 347KB)

Incident Response - ITSEC007(PDF, 418KB)

Business Continuity - ITSEC008(PDF, 428KB)

Data Integrity and Encryption - ITSEC009(PDF, 384KB)

Physical Security - ITSEC010(PDF, 298KB)

Systems Recovery Procedures(PDF, 227KB)

Backup Report(PDF, 103KB)

All new employees who receive a username and password to access the Enterprise network need to sign the IT Acknowledgement Form and return to IT&S. This form acknowledges that the employee has read, understands and will adhere to the 2021 Approved Security Policies.

IT Acknowledgement Form(PDF, 235KB)