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NEW--- Property Tax Inquiry for Lewis and Clark County *

  • Search by name, parcel number, tax id number, address, geo code,  subcode, or section,
    township, and range.

  • Data is updated nightly from the Lewis and Clark Treasurer's tax/parcel records.

  • Any and all information displayed is 'public information'.

You can now pay your taxes using a credit or debit card.  To make payment, access the link below. 

You will be asked for a jurisdiction number.  The jurisdiction number for Lewis and Clark County is 3602.

* Please note: The legal description on this website may be an incomplete legal description. A complete legal description can be obtained from your current deed or from the Clerk and Recorder's office, Room 113 at 316 North Park Avenue, Helena, Montana.

Pay your property taxes here:

Contact Information:

Karie Frydenlund, Property Tax Manager
316 N Park Ave/Room #113
Helena, MT 59623
(406) 447-8362
Hours of Operation:  8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Elections Department is responsible for the administration of federal, state, county, city and special district elections in Lewis and Clark County according to federal and state election laws. The Department also assists in elections for school districts. Additional activities include deputy registrar and election judge training, petition drive signature verification, absentee vote processing and voter registration. This Department maintains the voters' registration files for approximately 42,000 voters in 37 precincts in Lewis and Clark County. Maps of the boundaries are available in the Clerk and Recorder's Office. Approximately 300 temporary election judges are needed to work each election. Fiscal year 2014 activity will include a Municipal General election in November and a Presidential Primary in June.

The Records Department is responsible for the recording, scanning and indexing of deeds, mortgages, surveys, mining work, resolutions, military discharges and many other various documents.  The Department also files birth and death records, federal tax liens, notices of action, attachments, judgments, executions and other miscellaneous documents. In addition, the department processes realty transfer certificates, which are used by the Department of Revenue to determine the market value of real property.

The Property Tax Department is responsible for the collection of approximately $90 million in real and personal property taxes. Approximately 35,600 real estate, 3,100 mobile home and 1,000 personal property tax bills are processed each year. In addition, this department records miscellaneous revenues from county departments, school districts and other special taxing districts of Lewis and Clark County. The Department also issues real property tax assignment certificates and tax deeds for those properties.

The Motor Vehicle Department is responsible for the collection of approximately $10.2 million in licensing title fees and assessment of all vehicles, which require titles under state law. During the last fiscal year, approximately 85,000 registrations were issued through the department. Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily and the department is open during the noon hour.

The Accounting Department records all transactions relating to the operations and functions of Lewis and Clark County and its component units. The Department is also responsible for the payment of debt principal and interest and preparation of the financial statements and supplemental reports in accordance with governmental accounting and financial reporting standards.

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Contact Information:

Tax Department

Karie Frydenlund, Property Tax Supervisor
316 N Park Ave/Room #113
Helena, MT 59623
(406) 447-8362
Hours of Operation: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.