Seasonal weight limit restrictions in effect for certain County roads

Published on March 07, 2024


Helena, MT – Temporary weight limit restrictions will go into effect on certain County roads beginning Monday, March 11, 2024, to prevent damage during spring thaw. As the ground thaws, base gravel in the roadbed becomes saturated, causing surface break up and premature failure. In these conditions, fully loaded vehicles can cause severe road damage.

The load limits for all restrictions are seven tons for single axles, 14 tons for tandem axles, or 350 pounds per inch width of tire.

Temporary restrictions will be in place for the following roads:

  • Jimtown Rd. Asphalt: Highway 284 to end of asphalt
  • Birdseye Rd.  (Williams St. to Highway 279)
  • Causeway Way-Lake Helena Dr. (Lincoln Rd. East to end of asphalt)
  • Collins Dr. South (Lincoln Rd. East to Masonic Home Rd.)
  • Forestvale Rd. (Green Meadow Dr. to North Montana Ave.)
  • Hauser Dam Rd. (Lincoln Rd. East to end of asphalt)
  • Keir Dr. (Canyon Ferry Rd. to Saffron Ln.)
  • Lake Helena Dr. (Causeway to Lincoln Rd. East)
  • Masonic Home Rd. (Collins Dr. South to Frontage Rd.)
  • McHugh Ln. (Yuhas Ave. to Sierra Rd. West)
  • Mill Rd. (Green Meadow Dr. to North Montana Ave.)
  • North Montana Ave. (North of Lincoln Rd.)
  • Sierra Rd. East (Frontage Rd. to Floweree Dr.)
  • Sierra Rd. West (Frontage Rd. to Green Meadow Dr.)
  • Williams St. (Highway 12 to Birdseye Rd.)
  • Wylie Dr. (Canyon Ferry Rd. to York Rd.)

Lincoln Area:

  • B Street  (at Stemple Pass Rd.)
  • C Street  (at Stemple Pass Rd.)
  • D Street  (at Stemple Pass Rd.)
  • 1 Ave. South (South of Highway 200)
  • 6th Ave. (North and South of Highway 200)
  • 7th Ave. (South of Highway 200)
  • 8th Ave. (North and South of Highway 200)
  • 9th Ave. (at Highway 200)
  • Spring Creek Ln. (Highway 200 to end of asphalt)
  • Sleepy Hollow Ln. (North of Highway 200)
  • Sucker Creek Rd. (Highway 200 to end of asphalt)

Permanent weight limit restrictions remain in place and are needed on county roads with sub-standard base material and double chip seal. Normal highway loading can cause severe damage to roads and lead to costly repairs.

The permanently weight restricted roads are:

  • Applegate Dr. South (Lincoln Rd. to Norris Rd.)
  • Beartooth Rd. (Frontage Rd. to end of asphalt)
  • Bel Air Subdivision (Entire subdivision)
  • Colorado Gulch Dr. (Highway 12 to end of asphalt)
  • Country Club Ave. (Joslyn St. to Williams St.)
  • Crestwood Estates (Entire subdivision)
  • Floweree Dr. (Sierra Rd. East to York Rd.)
  • Franklin Mine Rd. (Green Meadow Dr. to end of asphalt [Head Ln.])
  • John G. Mine Rd. East (Green Meadow Dr. to North Montana Ave.)
  • Lake Helena Dr. South (York Rd. to Canyon Ferry Dr.)
  • Middlemas Rd. (Montana Ave. to end of road)
  • Motsiff Rd. (McHugh Ln. to North Montana Ave.)
  • Norris Rd. (Green Meadow Dr. to end of road)
  • Valley Dr. (Lewis St. to Canyon Ferry Rd.)
  • Tizer Dr. (York Rd. to Old York Rd.)
  • Old York Rd. (Intersection of Tizer Rd. West)

All roads listed are under the jurisdiction of Lewis and Clark County and the County is responsible for maintenance.

Restriction information is online at




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