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The Road, Bridge, and Sign Divisions are responsible for maintaining County roads and bridges. During the winter they provide County residents with snow removal services such as plowing and sanding. They oversee the design and reconstruction of existing roads and bridges, perform maintenance projects such as pothole repairs, chip seals, striping, signage, safety modifications, drainage and storm water improvements. The office is located at 3402 Cooney Drive, Helena, MT.

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Franklin Mine Road Improvement

In late spring 2023, the Road and Bridge Department began reconstruction of a 1.9-mile section of Franklin Mine Road. The project in­cluded installation of new culverts, drainage work, and new road surfacing with recycled road millings. The project was completed in coordination with Montana Depart­ment of Transportation (MDT) improvements to Green Meadow Drive. Asphalt millings generated by the MDT project were distributed to Lewis and Clark County and used to build the new road surface on Franklin Mine Road. The project finished with chip seal and striping.


Valley Drive Reconstruction Project

After almost three years of planning and design, the Valley Drive Reconstruction Project began on June 8, 2023. The project will address increased traffic flow and improve safety for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The improvements include a complete reconstruction with added capacity and a center turn lane for approximately one-half mile of Valley Drive from Plant Road to Canyon Ferry Road. County Bridge crews completed bridge widening in March in preparation for the reconstruction. 

Reconstruction was completed in late August as scheduled. The Valley Drive Reconstruction is a two-phased project in coordination with the City of East Helena, which will conduct the improvements from Plant Road south to Lewis Street in 2024.



Public Works Permits

As required in the 2023 Public Works Manual all road approach culverts shall be installed by a Certified Installer in accordance with the Lewis and Clark County Road Approach Permit. More information regarding the permit and the approach permit application can be found at the following link:, 442KB) All County permits are processed through the Community Development and Planning Department: Room 203; 316 N Park Ave., Helena, MT 59623.

The list of current Certified Installers can be found here:

Certified Approach Installers(PDF, 135KB)

Approach Permit Application(PDF, 442KB)

Excavation Permit Application(PDF, 367KB)


Seasonal and Permanent Weight Limit Restrictions.

Effective March 11, 2024

Weight Limit Posting Locations(PDF, 109KB)



Residential Road Sign Orders

To place a residential road sign order for a newly approved subdivision come to the Road and Bridge Department at 3402 Cooney Drive, Helena, MT. Prior to coming to the office, you may also call 406-447-8031 to ask questions about your order. There is a charge for the signs and the hardware to install them, which must be paid prior to the order being placed. You will also be given instructions on how to properly install the signs. The County's sign technician does not install new subdivision signs.

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Road, Bridge, and Sign Contact Information

Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Road/Bridge/Sign Operations

Address: 3402 Cooney Drive
Helena, MT 59602
Phone: (406) 447-8031
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