Order of Protection

These documents are known by several names including restraining orders, TRO's; TOP and OOP's. The purpose of an order of protection is to promote the safety and protection of victims of partner and family member assault, victims of sexual assault, and victims of stalking.

The person requesting the order of protection is known as the Petitioner. The person the order is against is known as the Respondent. A petitioner may be eligible for an order of protection if he/she has reasonable apprehension of bodily injury or is the victim of an assault, intimidation, stalking, etc.

The first course of action in obtaining an order of protection is for the petitioner to contact the City/County Crime Victim Advocate (CVA). The CVA is also located in the courthouse at 228 Broadway in the County Attorney’s office. Their phone number is 447-8221. These advocates will be able to properly advise the petitioner and assist in preparation in of the necessary forms. The advocates will also assist in arranging an appointment with the appropriate judge/justice of the peace. You can also obtain assistance from the Friendship Center at 1430 N. Sanders. Their phone number is 442-6800.

It must be made clear that an order of protection is not an "iron curtain" of protection for the petitioner. It does serve to allow the courts to take criminal action against a respondent if violations of the order occur.

Download the fillable PDF version of the Orders of Protection here(PDF, 301KB)