Historic Preservation

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Purpose of the HTC

A.  Promote the preservation of historic and prehistoric sites, structures, objects, buildings and historic districts by addressing historic preservation issues at the local level and integrating them into local, state and federal planning and decision-making processes.

B.  Provide record keeping and related service for the operation of the Commission.

C.  Oversee the Historic Preservation Officer.

D.  Develop and implement a policy for the effi¬≠cient and effective operation of the Commission.


Specific Duties of the HTC

A.  Review the development within the historic districts and any development affecting historical properties. Other duties are to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Certified Local Government Program for Historic Preservation in a manner that also insures the promotion of public health, safety, morals, convenience, order and general welfare for the sake of efficiency and economy in the process of community development.

B.  Serve in an advisory capacity to the local governing bodies establishing said Commission, and to the Helena / Lewis and Clark Consolidated Planning Board, the Helena Zoning Commission, the Helena Board of Adjustment, and other related bodies.

C.  Advise the City and County in all matters pertaining to historic properties and historic districts within the jurisdictional area of the Commission.

D.  Review and recommend an annual budget for the Commission consistent with the Fiscal Agent's guidelines, and make recommendations to the Joint Commission on the budget.

E.  Review all grants and to allocate the funds in accordance with the Fiscal Agent's guidelines.

F.  Review the applications and applicants for the position of Historic Preservation officer and to select the most qualified applicant.

G.  Operate the Commission and supervise the Historic Preservation officer.

H.  Solicit input on a regular basis from other groups or organizations who have an interest in the Commission and the services ; provided by the Commission.

I.  Review, recommend and keep the Joint Commission informed of any situations or circumstances which might reduce the serve, capability or performance level of the Commission.


Historic Helena Summer Walking Tours(PDF, 166KB)

Historic Preservation Awards

The date of the annual awards for 2024 has not been determined.  Please keep checking this site for updates.

Old and New Courthouses - 1887
Old and New Courthouses - 1887

1890 Trolley Mapi

Photo of Entry, Montana Club, Helena
Entry, Montana Club, Helena


Help Needed to Complete this Exciting Streetcar Restoration!

Helena Trolley Car # 3 Restoration and Interactive Learning Object

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