Transportation Coordinating Committee

This Committee shall manage the executive business of the Helena Urban Area Transportation Plan Update. The Committee shall work closely with the City, County, and State to develop and keep current urban transportation planning, design and construction in the Helena area. The Committee shall adopt and recommend implementation of long and short-range transportation programs for the Helena urban area. The Committee shall transmit all reports and recommendations related to the continuing transportation planning for the urban area to the various agencies for final adoption and implementation.

The TCC shall consist of officials who shall be voting members unless designated as non-voting. The citizen members of the TCC shall be appointed by the appropriate governing body for terms of two years, not exceeding two consecutive terms.

  • 2nd Tuesday every other month, 4/8, 6/10, 8/12, 10/14, 12/9/14
  • 3:00-5:00 p.m.
  • City-County Building, Room 330

Member Term Expiration
Jim McCormick County Commissioner
Tom Rolfe County Commissioner
Wilmot Collins City Mayor
Melinda Reed City Commissioner
Emily Dean City Commissioner
James Combs MDT
Bob Burkhardt Fed Hwy Admin (NV)
Joseph Lehman HCC Representative
Joel Peden City (V) 12/31/2019
Rebeca Ridenour City (NV) 12/31/2022
Jeremy Fadness County (V) 12/31/2022
Nancy Andersen County (NV) 12/31/2024
Kelly Harris East Helena Mayor