Noxious Weed Board

The Board performs activities relating to noxious weed management and administers and manages its established criteria for the noxious weed program.

The Board consists of nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, serving staggered three year terms ending December 31st. In addition to the nine County Commission appointed Members the Board also includes one County Commissioner as well as the County Noxious Weed Coordinator who both serve in an ex-officio capacity, and are non-voting members.

Meeting Information:

              Generally the 1st Wednesday of each Month at 1:00 p.m.
              Held in the County Weed Building Conference Room, 3402 Cooney Drive

Upcoming Events:

                 November 1, 2023 Regular Monthly meeting; 1:00 p.m. Agenda(PDF, 278KB)
                 December 6, 2023 Regular Monthly meeting; 1:00 p.m.


Member Seat  Term Expiration
Mike Cobb Augusta Serving at the Pleasure
Judith Anne Vincent, Vice Chair Birdseye 12/31/2024
Stacey Baertsch Canyon Creek/Marysville 12/31/2025
Shellie Haaland East Helena Valley 12/31/2026
Mike Nordahl Lincoln 12/31/2026
David Burch, Chair West Helena Valley 12/31/2025
Rob McDonough Wolf Creek Serving at the Pleasure
Neil Snow Member at Large 12/31/2026
Peter Christensen Member at Large 12/31/2024
Christian Lehnert Weed Coordinator Ex-Officio Member
Candace Payne County Commissioner Ex-Officio Member

Board Vacancies:

There are currently 2 vacancies on the Lewis and Clark County Noxious Weed Board:

(1) Wolf Creek Area* 
(1) Augusta* 

To apply please visit: or call (406) 447-8372 for more information
*please note you do not necessarily have to live in one of these areas.

Board Documents:


                           2023 Agenda's

January(PDF, 211KB)   February March(PDF, 274KB)
April(PDF, 232KB) May(PDF, 229KB) June(PDF, 208KB)
July August(PDF, 245KB) September
October(PDF, 228KB) November(PDF, 278KB) December


                        2022 Agenda's

January(PDF, 204KB)   February March(PDF, 199KB)
April(PDF, 231KB) May(PDF, 261KB) June(PDF, 230KB)
July August(PDF, 275KB)   September
 October November(PDF, 208KB) December(PDF, 226KB)






2023 Official Meeting Minutes (Audio) & Outline
 January 11, 2023(PDF, 257KB)
February 2023 *Meeting not held due to MWCA Annual Conference
 March 1, 2023(PDF, 207KB)
April 5, 2023 *Meeting cancelled due to lack of Quorum
 May 3, 2023(PDF, 249KB)
 June 7, 2023(PDF, 242KB)
July 2023 *Meeting not held due to holiday
August 2, 2023(PDF, 248KB) *Audio File too large
September 6, 2023 *Meeting cancelled due to lack of Quorum
 October 4, 2023(PDF, 296KB)


2022 Official Meeting Minutes (Audio) & Minutes Outline