City-County Consolidated Planning Board

This board was re-established by an Interlocal Agreement on June 4, 2001. The board shall perform planning functions for the City and County, and shall the sole Planning Board to serve either or both governmental entities.

Duties of this board will be to ensure the promotion of public health, safety, morals, convenience, order and the general welfare, and for the sake of efficiency and economy in the process of community development, the Board shall prepare a growth policy and serve in an advisory capacity to the local governing bodies establishing said Board.

There are nine members on the Commission, four members residing outside the city limits of Helena, but within Lewis and Clark County, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners; four members residing within the city limits of Helena who are appointed by the City Commission; and one member selected jointly by the Board of County Commissioners and the City Commission. The members serve three-year terms.


  • 3rd Tuesday of the month
  • 6:00 p.m.
  • City-County Building, Commission Chambers, Room 330

Member Term Expiration
Adrianne Cotton County 9/1/2024
James Sonntag County 9/1/2024
Vacant County
Lois Steinbeck County 9/1/2025
Joseph Gilbert Joint 9/1/2025
Cheyenne Veilleux City 9/1/2024
Quinlan O'Connor City 9/1/2025
Marcia Eidel City 9/1/2024
Gene Walborn City 9/1/2025