Clerk of Court Angie Sparks


I have been proud to call Montana my home for 45 years; Lewis and Clark County has been home for the last 33 years. My parents moved us to Boulder when I was in grade school, and I attended high school in Ennis.

I started as an entry level clerk with the First Judicial District Court in 2000. The office employed eight deputy clerks; we were still recording judgments by hand in books. My first courtroom position was as a scheduling clerk for Judge Sherlock. The courtroom position taught me a lot about the job; I gained a real respect for the clerk's role in district court, and have been able to observe several judges preside over cases affecting not only Lewis and Clark residents but also residents across the state of Montana.

I will use my experience and dedication to help the Clerk of Court's Office keep pace with our ever increasing case load. Using new technology and additional judges, the First Judicial District Court will strive to provide fast, effective, and efficient customer service for Lewis and Clark County and Montana.

Clerk of District Court Mission Statement

The employees of the Clerk of District Court of Lewis and Clark County shall strive for service excellence and through their dedication and professionalism, implement policies in conformance with the laws of Montana and the United States of America. The employees of the Clerk of Court's office are committed to ensuring equal access to the Lewis and Clark County District Court, court records, and court services.

The purpose of the Clerk of District Court's office is to provide public access to District Court, and to maintain and preserve the records of the District Court. The Clerk of District Court serves as the jury commissioner and provides a pool of jurors for local governments within Lewis and Clark County, including East Helena City Court, Helena Municipal Court, Lewis and Clark County Justice Court and coroner juries for inquest.

The office keeps a record of all district court sessions, receipts and disburses child support, maintenance and other trust accounts, issues all processes and required notices. The Clerk of District Court's office also issues and records marriage licenses in Lewis and Clark County.