Field Operations Division

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office Field Operations Division works three shifts with a minimum of two officers on shift at all times. These officers are responsible for a land mass area that exceeds 3,500 square miles including numerous campgrounds and five of the seven busiest water recreational areas in the state.

The Division's seventeen patrol officers respond to calls assigned by the 911 Dispatch Center and on-view incidents. These officers investigate all felony and many misdemeanor crimes. Normal duties include patrol, follow up investigations, collection of evidence, interviewing of suspects/witnesses and report writing. They also assist Investigations, Community Policing, DARE and the Civil Division. When requested, Field Operations also assists federal, state and other local agencies.

Due to the fact that we're responsible for two million acres of country, we have resident officers in Lincoln and Augusta. These officers are responsible for the north half of our county with assistance from officers in the Helena valley.

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Technical Services...

Public Safety Communications Radio Project Coordinator

Charles Gilmore - (406) 447-8249