Pastor Russ Genaw (406)442-6851

The Sheriff's Office is committed to providing assistance to its employees and their families in time of need. Additionally, Departmental Chaplains can sometimes be of assistance to the public when dealing with the Department in sensitive situations.  Our Chaplains also serve on the Lewis & Clark County Critical Incident Stress Management Team.

Some of the areas where a Chaplain can be of assistance are as follows:

  • Assist Departmental members when there is an accident involving serious injury or death, and when there is a need to provide comfort and counsel to injured persons and their families.
  • After family notification, will respond to the hospital when a Department member has been seriously injured or killed.
  • Provide advice, counsel and spiritual support to Department personnel and their families, upon request.
  • Attend and participate, when requested, in funerals of active or retired members of the Department.
  • Assist Department officials in making notification to family members of Department personnel suffering serious injury or death.
  • Visit sick family members of Department personnel who are confined to a hospital.
  • Assist in making referrals for qualified and specialized professional counseling where circumstances indicate or are requested.
  • Counsel with youth and their families upon request.
  • Comfort and console victims and relatives in the case of crime, accidents and disaster.
  • Participate in Department and community events by giving invocations, addresses and benedictions where and when appropriate.
  • In cases of homicide, suicide, accident or natural causes, make death notifications as requested by the Department.