Warrants and Extradition

The deputy sheriff assigned to this function is responsible for three distinct duties:

This officer actively works at locating persons named on arrest warrants and bringing them before the court. If the person is believed to be out of this jurisdiction, then the warrants are mailed to another city or county for service. The officer works very closely with the courts in ensuring that all the warrants are valid and correct. When a person is arrested in another county within the state, the warrant officer will travel and return to Helena with the prisoner.

Transportation of Prisoners
Persons sentenced to prison are transported to the state prison in Deer Lodge, the women's prison in Billings or other destinations as ordered by the court. Juveniles who are held in detention facilities are transported to Helena for court appearances and then returned. This officer also participates in the nationwide prison shuttle service.

When a person is arrested in another state on a warrant from this jurisdiction, this officer obtains a governor's warrant and works to return the arrested person to Montana. The deputy may arrange transportation of the arrested person via a private company, federal agency or travel to the location and return the prisoner. Extradition of prisoners from as far away as Alaska and Virginia have occurred in recent years.

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