Civil Section

The Civil staff serves many types of civil papers including Summons, Court Orders, Subpoenas and Writs of Execution. In addition, the Sheriff's Sales are conducted to satisfy liens and judgments. Eviction notices and other miscellaneous papers are also served for landlords and private individuals. A wide variety of papers are served for state agencies such as Worker Compensation, PHHS Child Enforcement, Department of Environmental Quality, the Montana Dept. of Labor and Industry as well as the City of Helena and the Helena School District.

A fee of $65.00 is charged unless the court has directed that the person is indigent and then the papers are served at no charge. State statutes also require the Sheriff to serve many types of papers for state agencies at no charge.

A Deputy Sheriff and an Office Manager are assigned to the Civil Office. The Office Manager spends approximately 50% of her time serving papers in addition to her other duties. The Civil Section staff work closely with the City Court, county Justice Court and District Courts.

The Civil Section receives over 3,000 papers annually for service. Approximately $37,000 in fees are collected each year and deposited to the county general fund.

Civil Sign

Civil Bureau

(406) 447-8259

Process Servicer: Renae Smith

Civil Sergeant & Warrant Deputy: Clint Pullman

Tax Writ/Civil Deputy: Steve Adsem

Civil Secretary (Concealed Weapons Permits): Pamela Wegner



Inquiries should be directed to:

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office
Civil Section
221 Breckenridge
Helena, MT 59601