Title: BOCC Meeting
Start date: February 26
Start time: 09:00 am
End time: 11:00 am
Location: Commission Chambers


The Lewis and Clark County Commissioners Public Meeting will be held on Thursday, February 7, 2019, at

9:00 AM in Commission Chambers Room 330.

It is the policy of the Board of County Commissioners to render a decision at a later date after they have had

ample time to consider all oral and written public testimony. The BoCC may render a final decision on the same

date if substantial new information is not received. Public comment must be limited to matters under the

jurisdiction of the Commission.


1. Pledge of Allegiance


2. Consent Action Items

a. Vendor Claims Report for Week Ending February 8, 2019. (Marni Bentley)

b. Public Meeting Minutes for January 10, 17, 22 and 29, 2019. (Nadine McCarty)

c. Resolution 2019-17 Declaring County Property Surplus Property. (Amy Reeves)

d. Request to Remove Ad Valorem Taxes for Blackfoot Valley Bible Church. (Karie Frydenlund)


3. Contract Between Lewis and Clark County and Armored Stagecoach Express. (Misty


The Commissioners will consider the contract with Armored Stagecoach Express for ATM

cash delivery services in the amount of $120/delivery. Contract begins upon approval and is

good for a period of five years.


4. Grant Application to the Montana State Historic Preservation Office. (Pam Attardo)

The Commissioners will consider the grant application to the Montana State Historic

Preservation Office in the amount of $5,500. The grant period is April 1, 2019 through March

31, 2020.


5. Lease Agreement Between Lewis and Clark County and Rocky Mountain Development

Council. (Roger Baltz)

The Commissioners will consider the lease agreement with Rocky Mountain Development

Council for the Lincoln Senior Center. The terms of the lease are January 1, 2019 through

December 31, 2019 with automatic yearly renewals for a period of ten years.


6. Board Appointments. (Roger Baltz)

Fair Board


7. Public comment on any public matter within the jurisdiction of the Commission that is

not on the agenda above.


8. Adjourn



Lewis and Clark County is committed to providing access to persons with disabilities for its meetings, in compliance with Title II of the

Americans with Disabilities Act and the Montana Human Rights Act. The County will not exclude persons with disabilities from participation at its

meetings or otherwise deny them County's services, programs, or activities. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodations to participate

in the County's meetings, services, programs, or activities should contact Aaron Douglas, as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to arrange

for the requested accommodation, at any of the following:

(406) 447-8316 TTY Relay Service 1-800-253-4091 or 711

adouglas@lccountymt.gov 316 N Park, Room 303