Title: Interviews for Treasurer Clerk & Recorder
Start date: September 08
Start time: 03:00 pm
End time: 06:00 pm
Location: Rm 330 Commission Chambers

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Treasurer Clerk and Recorder Position Interviews

September 8, 2020

City-County Building Room 330

3:00 p.m.








1. Interview candidates


Interview Questions


1. Tell us about your experience developing and managing large budgets.


2. Tell us about your background in governmental accounting.


3. Tell us about your experience supervising employees, including evaluating performance, hiring, and the disciplinary process.

4. Tell us about your experience addressing questions or comments from the public and resolving complaints. Provide an example of a situation you’ve handled that stands out to you and what you learned from the experience.

5. Tell us about your knowledge of local government role in property taxes and any experience you might have in this area.

6. Describe your experience working with state and federal agencies and provide an example where collaboration was needed in order to accomplish something.

7. Give us your thoughts on management versus leadership. Feel free to use your own experiences to explain your response.

8. This position will be in charge of elections in Lewis and Clark County. Elections require public trust and faith in the process and that those running the elections are impartial. Please disclose any conflicts or perception of conflicts that may affect this public trust and faith in our elections process.

9. The nature of the offices for this appointment are time-intensive. Please describe any business enterprises and/or organizations you are a part of and if you intend to remain active in those operations should you be appointed.

10. Tell us why you put your name in for consideration of this appointment?

11. Is there anything else you would like to tell us that we did not ask you about today?