Street and County Atlas's

* Each Atlas has been created as a PDF file, and
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and/or print them. You can download it here:


* A digital compressed version of each Atlas is available on cd ($15.00), and is available for purchase Monday-Friday at the following location:

    GIS Center (City-County Building)
    Room 207
    316 North Park Avenue
    Helena, MT 59623

    Cash or checks only – sorry, no credit cards.

    Click HERE for an order form and price list.

* The GIS Center is UNABLE to provide custom printing of either Atlas, but we will provide an authorization letter allowing the end user to make copies for their own use. 

Each Street and Address Atlas includes a Road Index. The PDF can be downloaded and will provide the user with a list of roads (in alphabetical order) that can be found within the atlas.

Each Street and Address Atlas is a series of PDF’s that provide road and address information within specific areas (grids). Atlas:After clicking the desired atlas below, the corresponding Atlas Index Page will appear. The Atlas Index Page allows a user to click a desired grid (A04, H03, etc.), which will open a corresponding PDF in a new window.  This PDF will provide road and address information within that grid. Select the desired Atlas below!

          City Atlas                                                         City Index (PDF)


          County Atlas                                                   County Index (PDF)


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