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Lewis & Clark Co. Historical Society

Established in 1989 by Jerry Metcalf, Harriett Meloy, Jean Weeks, Lyon Moon, Kathy Macefield, Dennis McCahon, Dick Wall, and others, LCCHS has maintained a History Center in Downtown Helena since 2007.  LCCHS lost its lease in December 2015 and is currently working with U.S. Bank to relocate the History Center to 2,000+ sq. ft. of  the bank's 302 N. Last Chance Gulch office.  The bank's interior is the perfect backdrop for history, with its original Shorty Shope murals and the Broadwater Hotel's "Boy with the Leaky Boot" fountain, ca. 1889.  LCCHS is a non-profit 501(c)(3), and its goal is to establish a permanent local history center in Helena.

“Boy with The Leaky Boot” fountain from the Broadwater Hotel grounds
“Boy with The Leaky Boot” fountain from the Broadwater Hotel grounds. Click image to enlarge.
“Broadwater Hotel and Natatorium”Shorty Shope mural
“Broadwater Hotel and Natatorium”Shorty Shope mural. Click image to enlarge.
“Communication” Shorty Shope mural U.S. Bank interior Helena.
“Communication” Shorty Shope mural U.S. Bank interior Helena. Click image to enlarge.

Lewis & Clark County Historical Society Mission

It is the mission of the Lewis and Clark County Historical Society to preserve elements of the history and prehistory of Lewis and Clark County, Montana, through the proper collection, retention and preservation of artifacts, papers, stories, information, places and images and to employ those elements in a way that illustrates, informs, instructs and delights the people of Lewis and Clark County and elsewhere. Furthermore, the Society exists to support, assist and promote other groups appropriately dedicated to a like cause so it may lend its name, its energy and its assembled abilities thereto.