Commission to hold hearing on joining Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority

Public is encouraged to attend via Zoom and provide comment


Helena – A public hearing regarding Lewis and Clark County joining the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority will be held at the March 18, 2021 meeting of the Lewis and Clark County Board of County Commissioners. The meeting starts at 9 am and will be held via Zoom.

County commissions in Montana are authorized to create regional rail authorities by adoption of a resolution by two or more counties (MCA 7-14-16).

Adopting the initial joint resolution to create a regional passenger rail authority gives all participating counties a seat at the table. However, once the authority is established, additional counties can petition to join the authority.

The joint resolution would create a regional rail authority board of at least five directors, as decided on by participating counties. The number of directors, their term of office and qualifications would be laid out in the joint resolution. After resolution passage by the board of each county, the boards would jointly appoint the initial directors of the regional rail authority. The directors would have the authority to adopt rules it considers necessary for its own administration, management and governance.

Additional information on the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority can be found in the February 23 Commission agenda:

The Zoom meeting link is or join by phone at (253) 215-8782, (346) 248 7799, (669) 900-6833, (301) 715-8592, (312) 626-6799, or (929) 205-6099. When prompted, enter 566 945 4978. This information can also be found on the County Commission meetings webpage:


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