Beware of Scam

Justice Court phone number being used by scammers to solicit money for bail and fines


Over the past month, there have been several occurrences of the Lewis and Clark County Justice Court’s phone number being used as part of a scam. The scammers have used the phone number to try to collect money by stating a relative of the person being called is in jail and needs money to post bond and/or pay fines. The Lewis and Clark Justice Court will never call to collect bond or fine money. A notice will be sent through the mail if fine payments are late. We advise the public not to give any personal information or money if you receive one of these calls.

If you do give any information to the caller, call the Office of Consumer Protection with the State of Montana at 406-444-4500. If you have further questions, you may contact the Lewis and Clark Justice Court at 406-447-8201 or 406-447-8202.