Snowplow Safety and Winter Road Maintenance

Follow these tips to help our plow drivers clear the roads safely this winter!

  • Keep your snow on your property so it doesn’t pile up in roadways and get packed down, creating driving hazards.
  • Don’t crowd the plow.
    • Drivers have limited visibility and are focused on the road in front of them.
    • Sanding material can bounce off road and damage vehicles.
  • Don’t pass the plow.
    • Plows can create a whiteout, limiting visibility to almost zero.
    • Be patient, be safe, and allow extra time.
  • Plows do their passes down the middle first (plow along the centerline).
    • Give them space.
    • They will come back and do other passes later to widen the path, but have to start with the middle.
  • Dim headlights when behind a plow.
    • Bright lights shine in mirrors and make it difficult for plow drivers to see.
  • Don’t park on the road.
    • Plows have to go around vehicles, creating uneven paths and berms.
    • Berms are then driven over and packed down, creating hazards.
    • Berms are difficult to remove once there.
  • Move garbage cans.
    • If trash day is during a snowstorm, keep garbage cans out of the right-of-way, or wait a week to dump it.
    • Don’t leave garbage cans in right-of-way indefinitely.
  • Give yourself extra time.
    • Make time to clear your windshields so you have full visibility.
    • Build in extra time for a slower drive or in case you get behind a snowplow.
  • Snowplows can throw snow a long way. Be aware of when they are coming and make sure you are clear of the snow path, especially when working outside on your property of on the side of a road.
  • Clear bushes and brush from growing into the right-of-way.
    • It damages plows and graders and tears off mirrors that cost time and money to repair.
  • Motorists should slow down when driving on sanded roads.
    • Speed causes sand material to blow off, making it ineffective.