Applegate and Norris traffic control configuration changed

Road use patterns have changed since Norris Road was opened to the public


October 1, 2019

Helena – The traffic pattern at the intersection of Applegate and Norris in the Helena North Valley will change on Wednesday, October 2. Stop signs will be placed on Applegate and removed from Norris.

Lewis and Clark County hired a consultant to conduct a traffic study in September. The study found the average daily traffic as follows:

  • Norris West of Applegate: 440 vehicles per day
  • Norris East of Applegate: 360 vehicles per day
  • Applegate North of Norris: 450 vehicles per day

Based on the data, the recommendation was made to stop the fewest number of vehicles possible approaching the intersection to minimize overall driver delay. All through traffic on Norris Road will now be able to flow through the intersection without slowing and the overall number of vehicles that need to stop at the intersection will be reduced by almost half.

Temporary traffic revision signs to notify drivers of the change will be placed on the road before drivers reach the intersection. Permanent signage will also read “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop.”



Jeni Garcin

Communications and Community Outreach Coordinator

Lewis and Clark County