Licensing & Inspecting
Day Cares, Group Homes

The Licensed Establishment Inspection Program inspects day cares and group homes for general sanitation, food safety, and safety concerns. 

Day care licenses need to be renewed each year. This renewal includes an inspection. Following is a checklist of items that are required at the Health Department's annual day care inspection:

  • A master list of all children and staff
  • A copy of each child’s immunization record from the provider's office
  • A copy of each staff person’s immunization record
  • Each individual child’s chart 

Each chart should contain:

  • The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services Pediatric Health Statement (Pink Form) in all charts of kids under 2 years
  • The State of Montana-Certificate of Immunization (Blue Form) in all charts
  • The Lewis and Clark City-County Health Department form with signed permission from parents for inclusion of each child’s immunization record in the Montana State Immunization Registry

The registry is a confidential computerized information system that contains data about immunizations. The registry is a valuable tool to prevent administration of unnecessary shots. It ensures accurate record-keeping that follows a child into adulthood.


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