Onsite Wastewater (Septic) Services

The Onsite Wastewater Program at Lewis and Clark Public Health works with property owners in the county to properly site septic systems.

Properly sited, installed, and maintained septic systems protect groundwater supplies, the public's health, and your property investment.

Septic Permits

Septic permits are required for any structure requiring wastewater disposal. We investigate complaints relating to violations of the County Wastewater Regulations, DEQ Circular 4 and ARM 17.36. The Environmental Division regulates the siting of all on-site wastewater treatment systems in Lewis and Clark County.

The purpose of permitting septic systems is to insure that sewage is properly disposed of in appropriate treatment systems in order to protect the public's health, surface water and groundwater supplies.

The Environmental Health Office permits individual septic tanks with drainfields, individual septic tanks serving a community treatment system, holding tanks and outhouses. 

To find out if you need a septic permit, or to get a copy of a permit, contact our office at 406-447-8351 or publichealth(at)lccountymt.gov.

Ground Water Monitoring

Ground water monitoring begins April 1 of each year. Groundwater monitoring may be required if your site shows evidence that groundwater may be within 7 feet of the ground surface at any time of the year.

To apply for groundwater monitoring you must complete an application before ground water peaks in your area.  We accept some groundwater applications after May 1, but only on a case by case basis. 

The groundwater monitoring fee is $325.00 and allows for up to 4 monitoring wells.

Minimum setbacks for an on-site wastewater system.  Basic Lot Layout

On-Site Wastewater Fees

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