Junk Vehicles

A junk vehicle is defined as any "discarded, ruined, wrecked, or dismantled motor vehicle, including component parts, which is not lawfully and validly licensed and remains inoperative or incapable of being driven." A vehicle must meet all three parts of the definition to be classified as a junk vehicle.

Vehicles that have been abandoned on the city street must be reported to the police department. The health department will not haul them away until the police have declared the vehicle abandoned.

Some vehicles have little or no parts value, and the private wrecking facility may not be interested in buying or hauling your junk vehicle.  If this is the case, we can arrange to haul and dispose of your junk vehicle at no out-of-pocket expense to you.

If you would like our office to haul away your junk vehicle, fill out the release form and submit it to our office. We will provide you with a special sticker to place on the vehicle. Within about 2 weeks of receipt of the release form by the haulers, your vehicle will be hauled away.

Junk Vehicle Release Form

State of Montana Junk Vehicle Website 

We'll Haul That Junker for Free

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