Disease Reporting

Communicable diseases are infectious diseases that can be passed from one person to another or from an insect or animal to a person. They have the potential to affect every county resident.

The most susceptible people are those who have not been immunized or are under-immunized, those with weakened immune systems (caused by stress, age, disease, alcoholism, or homelessness), and those whose work or leisure activities put them at risk for disease.

The Disease Control and Prevention Division of Lewis and Clark Public Health is responsible for investigating incidents of communicable disease, including those caused by food, water, and ticks.

Public health nurses investigate reports of communicable disease they receive from doctors, nurses, and hospitals. Other staff members investigate illnesses that may have been caused by contaminated food or water or by infected insects.

These investigation help prevent communicable disease from spreading through the community.

To Report Communicable Diseases

Montana health-care providers are required by law to report cases of specific communicable diseases to their local health department. This enables public health officials to follow up on cases of significance and identify outbreaks or emerging health concerns.

Reporting forms:

To report a communicable disease (or other public health emergency):

  • 406-457-8900 (during business hours)
  • 406-523-5564 (after business hours)
  • 406-457-8997 (by fax)
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