Local News Releases

How to Protect Your Mental Health from COVID-19
March 20, 2020

Health Officer Extends, Modifies Business Closure Order
March 19, 2020
Order of Closure
Closure Sign for Businesses

Health Officer Orders Temporary Closure of Some Businesses
March 16, 2020
Order of Closure

Long-Standing Process Works to Stop Spread of Contagious Disease
March 14, 2020

Organizing a Big Event? Keep COVID-19 in Mind
March 12, 2020

Public Health Responds to Growing Local Interest in COVID-19
March 4, 2020

Local Health Officials Prepare for Possibility of New Coronavirus
Feb. 3, 2020

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Educational Materials

Fact Sheet: COVID-19 and You  (LCPH)

Sign: You've Got the Power to Stop COVID-19, 8.5x11  11x17  (LCPH)

Guidance for Specific Groups

Businesses  (CDC)

Child Care  (AMPHO)

Churches  (LCPH)

Community and Faith-Based Leaders  (CDC)

Confirmed and Possible Carriers
of COVID-19

Cosmetologists & Body Artists  (LCPH)

Detention Centers  (LCPH)

EMS Workers  (DPHHS)

Event Planners  (CDC)

Families  (CDC)

Funeral Homes  (LCPH)

High-Risk Population  (CDC)

Long-Term Care Providers  (CDC)

Schools  (CDC)


LCPH Community Briefing, March 27

LCPH Community Briefing, March 20

LCPH Community Briefing, March 13

LCPH Presentation, March 5: Preparing for Coronavirus for Medical Providers


World Health Organization  (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control  (CDC)

Montana Dept. of Public Health
and Human Services

Coronavirus Rumor Control  (FEMA)