Governor's Directives

Directive Implementing Executive Order 2-2021
Effective January 15, 2021, at 5:00 a.m.

Executive Order No. 2-2021
Effective immediately

Health Officer Orders

Order of the Health Officer
March 11, 2021

Emergency Rules & Regulations

Emergency Rules and Regulations in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
March 25, 2021

News Releases

LCPH Board of Health Amends Sports Spectator Rules- September 3, 2020

Special Board of Health Meeting-September 3, 2020

2020 News Releases (LCPH)

Educational Materials


Keep It In The Green (LCPH, St. Peter's Health, PureView Health Center)

How to Wear a Cloth Face Covering  (LCPH)

Poster: You've Got the Power to Stop COVID-19 (LCPH)

Postcard: Guidance for Visitors to County  (LCPH)


Mask Guidance

Guidance Documents (LCPH)

Confirmed and Possible Carriers
of COVID-19

Detention Centers  (LCPH)

EMS Workers  (DPHHS)

Families  (CDC)

Group Living Situations (LCPH)

High-Risk Population  (CDC)

Long-Term Care Providers  (CDC)

Schools  (CDC)

Community Briefings

Please join our Public Zoom Community Briefing Webinar Call every second Friday of the month at 8:30 a.m.  Pass code 447277
Next scheduled call Oct 8

LCPH Community Briefing, Sept 10
Zoom Recording, Password YL#0+aD9

LCPH Community Briefing, July 9
Zoom Recording- Password 7Bf.8.+R  

LCPH Community Briefing, June 4
Zoom Recording- Password t%S6Q+U$

LCPH Community Briefing, May 21
Zoom Recording-Password Xn#yc84m 

LCPH Community Briefing, May 7
Zoom Recording- Password u=k1at!0

LCPH Community Briefing, April 23
Zoom Recording- Password D*JVW&30

LCPH Community Briefing, April 9
Zoom Recording- Password KXW^94Z% 

LCPH Community Briefing, April 2
Zoom Recording- Password 5x.hy!ak

LCPH Community Briefing, March 26
Zoom Recording- Password !H8M&hCs

LCPH Community Briefing, March 19
Zoom Recording- Password 66B$qt&S

LCPH Community Briefing, March 12
Zoom Recording- Password ^Z5nu?8A 

LCPH Community Briefing, March 5
Zoom Recording- Password qY+*px^6

LCPH Community Briefing, Feb 26
Zoom Recording- Password @a3PT36G

LCPH Community Briefing, Feb 19
Zoom Recording- Password 6Avu*AjZ 

LCPH Community Briefing
, Feb 12
Zoom Recording- Password !ArA6kmJ

LCPH Community Briefing, Feb 5
Zoom Recording- Password p^cW*60j 

LCPH Community Briefing, Jan 29
Zoom Recording- Password y!=PUw7I 

LCPH Community Briefing, Jan 22
Zoom Recording- Password q@5!1UJs

LCPH Community Briefing, Jan 15
Zoom Recording- Password !XYvn@3^

LCPH Community Briefing, Jan 8
Zoom Recording- Password %6n2H81i

For previous recordings, please email us at

LCPH Presentation, March 5: Preparing for Coronavirus for Medical Providers


World Health Organization  (WHO)

Centers for Disease Control  (CDC)

Governor's Coronavirus Task Force

Montana Dept. of Public Health
and Human Services

Coronavirus Myth Busters (WHO)