Community Health Improvement Planning, 2016

Lewis and Clark Public Health and St. Peter's Hospital have teamed up to convene a comprehensive effort to identify public health priorities in Lewis and Clark County, as well as strategies and resources to address them.

This "community health improvement planning" process, or CHIP, is an opportunity to develop a common agenda for the entire community. It will help all of us to focus our energy and resources and support policies, projects, and programs that will be most effective in improving the health of the people we serve.

The result of the CHIP process will be a Health Improvement Plan that will cover more than the roles and responsibilities of the health department. It will describe how the health department and other community organizations can work together to improve the overall health of the people we serve.

The plan will be developed during a series of meetings with a task force made up of representatives of the local public health system.

For more information about the Community Health Improvement Planning process, contact Gayle Shirley, Systems Improvement Manager, Lewis and Clark Public Health, 406-457-8908.


Click here to see the 2017 CHIP Progress Report

Click here to see the 2016 Community Health Improvement Plan

Task Force

County Health Officer Melanie Reynolds leads a small-group discussion about mental health issues in Lewis and Clark County during the second community health improvement planning (CHIP) meeting March 7.
The CHIP task force is made up of more than 50 representatives of a variety of community sectors, including education, business, government, medical providers, social services, and nonprofit organizations.
Task force members discuss and attempt to categorize threats to maternal and child health in Lewis and Clark County.
Task force members work to define the terms "health" and "healthy community."